Thursday, May 23, 2013

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #261 + Comic

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We had snow today.

Music (5/23/13)

Saturday grimdark challenge by *MadHotaru
Some great songs again.
Try Idemand for fluent Pinkie vocals, Koroshi-Ya for acoustic grimdark or TheDumplingz for a nice and calm experience.

AdgeeDash The Return Trance
Claire Anne Carr This Day Aria Rock! Instrumental Rock
Evening Star Friendship is Magic Orchestral
Idemand Pokey (Remix n Stuff) Vocal Sample Electro
Koroshi-Ya Insanity (Bloodershy) Dark Rap
Michael Pallante Simply Dashing Vocal Rock
Mush I'll be Ready (Ft. Coster) 80's Vocal Synthpop
Mogul Dash feat. Faux Rudimentary Creatures Vocal
NeighSlayer Lower the Moon (Metal Version) Vocal Metal
Nicolas Dominique Perfect Harmony Trance
OrchestralDesign The Royal Guards Orchestral
Pencil Eraser In Spite of You (feat. ISMBOF & Scrambles) Punk
TheDumplingz Daffodil Breeze Instrumental Piano