Monday, October 1, 2012

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A Couple PMVs and Such

Aight, everyone, it's time for what I think is the first PMV post.  I've been scouring the internet for around an hour, and here's what I've got.  Some 80s music, modern music, and classical.  So come one, come all, and take a look at some more moving music goodness.

Mysterious Bronie song preview

Skip to 1:01:00 for an unheard song.


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Daring Do Game

(click image to play)
Something I played a while ago. Very well made with multiple paths. DA alpha version after the break.

Mando Creber

(Bumped to to having the full vid now)

Prepare to put on your hipster shades...

Here in this very post lies music that unheard by the people over at EQD. Listen to them here and get your hipster shades ready for when they actually do post them at EQD (if they actually do post them, that is). Head on over after the break.


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Music: Blue Magic/ Last hope/ Hello ponyville

We got some Psychedelic Brony goodness, some somber piano, and wrap it up with a Hello Seattle parody...

Check them out after the break.

Megathread: Season 3

Twilight just heard the news of season 3

So I wanted there to be a post dedicated to season 3 on here after the news of the confirmed season 3 date, I felt it was needed. This will be one big megathread season 3 post. discuss everything about season 3 on here.

So the question is*deep breath* Are you excited 'cause I'm excited I've never been so excited!

There's a goat on my bed (Seizure warning)


So here we have Ponies, Team Fortress 2, Gravity Falls, and complete randomness. All my favorite thing in one place... It's beautiful... *wipes tear* Check it out after the break.


Ok so I got into a Photo Finish mood... I looked up some music... I can't stop listening to this stuff!


I absolutely had to post this, thanks to Sweetiebot for the link.

Use Your Tags Correctly

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And while I'm at it have a new song by Mattew Moiser

New Two Best Sisters Trailer

Some of you may remember the Two Best Sisters series of videos.  Some may not, but I'm here to fix that.  After taking a break to animate videos for the Two Best friends themselves, 2snacks is back in the saddle...I mean, taking back the reigns... *ahem*
Making more videos.  After the break.


Yo, this is FPLOON of the Blog6, letting you guys know that we know have a way for you guys to submit your stuff:

Well... What are you waiting for? In the immortal words of someone I know... SUBMIT!!!!!!

Steps Towards Flight complete

Click For Timeline

(Bumped by request)

Mighty Monday Megathead Midafternoon Madness #1

Or MMMMM for short.

Anyhoo, megathread time. What do you think this site will be like in the future? What will we add? Will we have regular commenters? Will we ever be as big as EQD? How will we take over EQD? WE NEED PLANS PEOPLE! Scooch on down to the comments and tell us your battle plans opinions. Feel free to put more questions up.

Smash Ponies Update

Pony Party 8 not currently in development.

So, hey guys.  Shuup here with a minor update.  You may have heard about the new Smash ponies flash game that's currently in development.  That's good.  If you have a better memory than I do, you may also remember back when Eqd posted about a certain project designed to mod brawl itself to put ponies in it.  This is about the latter.
So just shimmy on past the break...

Guess what!?

This jewel was found inside a Hasbro News Letter email letter type thing. If you signed up for it you should get it too! And don't blame us if you didn't!

Freak out everyone! Your Swatteam demands it!

Thanks to Sweetie Bot (who obviously isn't a robot so stop saying that!) for the heads up! ...Unless you don't have a head, in which case thanks anyway Sweetie Bot!

The Swatteam Before Christmas

In order to debut the new Pie takeover I will now sing my very own newfound theme song.

Nightly Megathread #1

What topics can you not wait to begin megathread dominance to in the future? Leave your hostile takeover suggestions in the comments below... Also, send us, the Blog6, stuff you would like to see posted... We'll except everything...