Sunday, December 2, 2012

Nightly Megathread #64

You know, re-watching that Magic Duel between Twilight and Trixie reminds me of my wizard training with Daffy and Trixie... Granted, there were a few times where I had to self-teach some key wizard skills due to a lack of a consistent mentor between them, but whatever...


Colgate Learns A Lesson

Have an animation of your favorite minty pony. If you don't leave this video with clean teeth and hair full of tooth past, I will be surprised. Watch it after the break!

Music: Some Day / The CMC Conclusion / ExperiMental / Pip's Pirate Ship

Oh, its my turn to post? well i need to get Scootaloo a promotion so she isn't stuck wearing that. Have some music while I am away. |past the break for some of the best stuff I've heard|

Magic Duel Episode Review

Subtlety be Damned!
Come one, come all!  Be amazed, astounded, and awed as you witness the triumphant return of the weekly review column!  Stare in stunned appreciation as you watch me spout my opinions for those who care to hear them!  Gasp in shock as I let my final verdict echo throughout the hallowed halls of our hectic home page!  Once you’ve seen the greatest show on earth once, you’ll never settle for anything less!  So click carefully past our boisterous break, and behold the review of a lifetime!

BronyCon announces BronyPalooza—the largest brony concert in the world

    BronyCon has announced their first event- BronyPalooza, the largest brony concert ever. Some of the names that will appear are  Poni1Kenobi, LaserPon3, Living Tombstone, Mic the Microphone, Rainbow & Rooted (formerly Balloon Party), Tarby, EHT, Cyril, ArtAttack, Speedcore Dave, Baschfire, Foozogz, Michael A, Silva Hound and HeyLasFas. BronyPalooza is featuring a lineup of hard rock, rap, electronic music, orchestral arrangements and more from the talent within the brony fan base. There will also be an all-new laser show that you won’t want to miss. If you make music and would like to attend, hit up their registration page hereThe concert will be held as a main event during the convention Aug. 2-4, 2013, at the Baltimore Convention Center. Go here to check out the BronyCon announcements, here for just  BronyPalooza, or go past the break for some copypasta.

Comics: Dawn / Trixie's Vengeance / Tale of Two Lunas / PONIES!!! - 21 / Similarities

Giraffes in the air! Giraffes up in the air! Please tell me I'm not the only one hearing that. Shake it Twily! Speaking of fillies, comics after the break!

Artsy #73

Well dang! Sethisto got his drawfriend out before I was able to complete this and he got all the Trixie pics we were gonna use except for the one above... At least I don't think he has this one yet...

And now for non-Trixie art, after the page break!

Poll Results: One Bad Apple Rating

Seems when the CMC are involved an episode rating becomes a war; pitting "good" against "THE BEST THING EVER!". |below the break for more|

Music: Wish You Were Here/Far More Great And Powerful/Sombra/The Doctor's Lullaby/Have You Met This Pony Yet?

^Trixie pouty face from MLFW

So I took a test yesterday. Will I fail or will I pass? Heck, I'll be happy as long as I get a nonzero score! (zero is the median score for this test, and the average across the nation is typically 1 or 2 points -- out of 120!). So to encourage discussion, what was the most difficult test you have taken? Choosing a best pony? lol, I kid. Anyways we have some music for you all this morning:

  1. Thyrai - Wish You Were Here
  2. Neighsayer - Far More Great And Powerful
  3. Sombra [A "Discord" Parody by P^3]
  4. The Doctor's Lullaby (cover)
  5. My Little Pony THE MUSICAL: Have You Met This Pony Yet?

Convention, Cloudsdale Congress, Coming to DC

A new convention, Cloudsdale Congress, is in the works in the DC/Virginia/Maryland area, planned for this upcoming Spring. To anyone who's interested, I encourage you to check out their brief but thorough FAQ, or check out the news post from our friends at The Round Stable.

Comics : May the FRIENDSHIP be with you / Apple Family Tradition / Trixie ygolohcysP / Rarity vs Slenderman 3 / Destruction Derpy

Have some early morning comics to start your day, and only one of them is Trixie this time. We have some Star Wars, sabotage, more hands, slenderman, and some Derpy. Read em' after the break!

M. A. Larson on Star Wars reference.

For those who had doubts if it was an actual Star Wars reference in the "Magic Duel" episode, you can put them aside. It seems M.A. Larson didn't play a part in the Season 2 premiere SW reference, but I still hope for more SW references in the future. Hit up his Twitter for more info.