Sunday, December 2, 2012

Comics : May the FRIENDSHIP be with you / Apple Family Tradition / Trixie ygolohcysP / Rarity vs Slenderman 3 / Destruction Derpy

Have some early morning comics to start your day, and only one of them is Trixie this time. We have some Star Wars, sabotage, more hands, slenderman, and some Derpy. Read em' after the break!

May the FRIENDSHIP be with you by ~BestSeller-Microtech

It would never work out between Yoda and Zecora.
Too much of a language barrier.

MLP - Apple Family Tradition (Comic) by ~FireBrandKun

Apples are starting to scare me.

Trixie ygolohcysP by ~tifu

And then she gave them feet.

Rarity vs Slenderman 3 by ~CIRILIKO

Rarity, you can't mess with a classic.

-Destruction Derpy- by ~Zztfox

Pun in title.