Sunday, December 2, 2012

Comics: Dawn / Trixie's Vengeance / Tale of Two Lunas / PONIES!!! - 21 / Similarities

Giraffes in the air! Giraffes up in the air! Please tell me I'm not the only one hearing that. Shake it Twily! Speaking of fillies, comics after the break!

(Moved header down here so you don't have to hear it on the home page xD)

1. Dawn by *Foxy-Noxy

I will say, Radio came up with this before the incredible Foxy-Noxy did, so you can pretty much give him all the credit. Except for the art. And dialogue. And everything else.
2. MLP: Trixie's Vengeance by *AniRichie-Art

When I'm feeling broken down, she has always stabbed my back, mmhhhmhhhmmmmhhhhmmmmm, something-something wizard hat...

...yes I love the Great and Powerful Trixie.
3. Tale of Two Lunas by *Omny87

Multi-part madness! The next two pages are in the description, probably easier to travel from there.
4. PONIES!!! - 21 by ~Turag

Some new madness. If nothing is making sense, you're probably doing it right.

5. Similarities by *theflashguy

For being married, Wild Fire doesn't seem to spend a whole lot of time with her husband. Or maybe that was her brother in A Canterlot Wedding... and then Cadence and... ewww