Monday, November 5, 2012

Nightly Megathread #37

There has been a spike in the number late of  Nightly Megathreads... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I HAVE HAD IT WITH THESE REALLY TARDY THREADS ON THIS MY LITTLE PONY BLOG!

Miniature Discussion thread #15

Epic bookmark... I forget where from. I'm sure the other blog mods can link the source in the comments

I am busy tonight, so I will be brief. Sethisto once scared a bunch of people on his blog by suggesting he might not want to run his blog forever; that he might one day want to shut EqD down. Now of course this is an improbability for the short term, but longevity and is key for a successful site - and it is something that can't be taken for granted. So how can we ensure this blog runs nicely even if handed down to new mods over the years, indefinitely?

PMV: Requim for a Dream / your time / Somepony Knows How to Party / Defying Gravity

by ~xXFadingEssenceXx

PMVs and stuff, it may come as a surprise to some of you, but Youtube isn't the only video source. |this is a break, go past it|

EFR EQLA coverage: Tara Strong mentions Gangnam Style/ Lauren Faust pannel

Tara has bronies dance for her out of free will... It's only a matter of time before she rules the world itself...
UPDATED... @ 7:30

Moonstuck Series has Reached its Conclusion

Moonstuck, the popular tumblr series, as reached its end. I personally haven't been following, but maybe now that it's complete I'll check it out. Stretching 900 panels long and hundreds of tumblr posts wide, this looks like a project of epic proportions that is in its prime for everyone to jump into. Find the author's main page here, the series, in order, here, and finally the author's newest project, Slice of Life.

Author's farewell message as an additional bonus past the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #34

I think it's best if you just keep covering your eyes... I know what would happen if Derpy was carrying me like that...

More art after the break.
(God I'm so jittery right now. What the hell was in that can of Monster!?)

Comic Post #31: Ask Pun Pony: Infestation / Bob-Bon - Smell You Later / Snow Doll Time! / PONIES!!! - 17 / PC: Not Really Nightmare Night / Elements of...

Pixel Rarity by ~ParadigmPizza

Rarity is,... lemme pull out my files... #3 best pony out of the mane six currently. And I can assure you these are official documents from the feds. I think that earns her a header. And on my comic posts too! Which are best posts, naturally. Also, six comics!!

Rumor or Humor: Disney buying Hasbro?

If the rumor is true, then image related.

The Outhousers and others reported about a rumor that Disney is planning on buying Hasbro... and that means they'll get the rights to MLP amongst other things.

"a Hasbro acquisition would give Disney the rights to G.I. JoeTransformersDungeons and DragonsMagic: The Gathering, and numerous other properties, though some properties, like G.I. Joe, have movie rights tied up at Paramount. It would also give Disney control of Hasbro's The Hub animated television network, which shows the Outhouse favorite My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon. " - The Outhousers

More after the break!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #33

The best way to overcome your enemies is to make them your friends: it's a good lesson to learn. Maybe it will be incorporated into an episode one day... Art after the break!

Solrac Ventures - EQLA '12 PROMO

Up next is an animation featuring the eardrum breaking Solrac. RIP headphone users.

Spoiler: Season 3 Episode 5 possible synopsis

Once again, this is not confirmed. The synopsis for Episode 5 has been given at the Zap2it website.
Go past the break for more info!

Wallpaper Slideshows #1

by ~princess-ataxia

Its wallpaper time once more, brought to you via slideshow. |Prepare for your mind to be blown after the break|

Music:A Part of Me / Hush / *SPOILERS* I Wasn't Prepared for This! (MG Remix)

Get ready to spread your ears, 'cause the music is comin'!
A vocal Twilight and Spike song, "Hush Now, Quiet Now" remix, and a remix of a season 3 song.

1.) A Part of Me (Feat. Megaphoric) {Original Song} [Twilight and Spike]
2.) Archie & The Living Tombstone - Hush (Club Mix)
3.) *SPOILERS* I Wasn't Prepared for This! (MG Remix)

The New Justice Team

Have an early morning parody of the "The New Justice Team" from Futurama. Also, you get bonus points if you guess which team member I like the most. "hint", It's Super King.

Prank Poll Results

The masses have spoken, and it seems that Rarity would be the most hilarious Prankee.
At least it's not Celestia.  You people know what's good for you.  Anyway, if you have a strong revulsion towards pie graphs, we have some gentle bar graphs waiting for you after the break.