Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nightly Megathread #42

The Crystal Empire (Spoilers) by =TurboSolid

So, season three just happened. Well, hip-hip-happening. Check out all the stuff we've gathered from today (may or may not include gak).

Comic Post #39: Do It Alone / The Confrontation / STAIRS

Suspicious Dash by ~ThunderElemental

This image was directly to the right of a humanized King Sombra in my DeviantART stack. I find that not only humorous, but fitting. I'll let your imaginations think up what that humanized Sombra might look like while you peruse the comical creations below.

Bronycon moving to Baltimore

Sorry... I couldn't help it... Last Gak post. Promise.

This just in: Bronycon 2013 will move its location from New York to Baltimore.
See the full announcement here.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #43

That... Was... AMAZING! Happy Season 3 everypony! With a new season comes more art for all!
See a tidbit of the new wave of art after the break.

Gacky-Wacky Stuff


Sombra has the right idea. BOW DOWN TO OUR GAK OVERLORDS!

Comic Post #38: Heart Of Stone / Juice Box Entity / I'm Not Crazy / Why Not?

Samurai Applejack by *PixelKitties

I'm excited to see the Sombra art, even if he wasn't the greatest villain ever. I'm sure Applejack can defeat him with a katana if Shining Armor's magic fails. That is surely how it works. Comics, with some minor spoilers, after the break (just in case Xyro hasn't got the episodes up by the time this is posted).

The Crystal Empire Parts 1 and 2 Review

Credit Where Credit is Due

Well, friends, it looks like all the waiting we’ve done has finally paid off. After months upon months, we’ve finally reached the season premiere. So, how was it? It was all right. But how was it, in more than a sentence? Well, for that, you’ll need to keep reading past the break.

Super-Speedy-Spoilery-Synopsis and Discussion

Sweetie Bot is tired too

Looks like Shuup's going to delve into the new episodes in greater depth, but while we're at it, what were your favorite parts? Which things do you think will become memes, not counting those that already have? For anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet/doesn't want spoilers, don't go past the page break.

New Game: Luna's Quest (Not Public)

Luna by ~LaurenMagpie

Maybe Luna will be as persistant as Celestia in the show now after the season three premiere? I'm sure almost everyone has been hoping for that since day 1, if this new game is any indication. Point and click adventure pre-alpha build has just popped up, even if it isn't publicly available yet. A quote from the developer and video of the game found below!

SFM: Don't mess with Twilight Sparkle

You deserve a medal for what you did, Spike. That and a stained glass window. Either one is fine.
3D Twi getting mad after the break.

Spoiler! Episode 6 synopsis possibly revealed!

Once again, Zap2it has listed another possible synopsis of season season 3. This time it is for episode 6. Go past he break for the possible spoiler.

Season 3 Premiere Livestream

I'm never going to get tired of seeing this...
Yo... Want to see the Season 3 premiere, but do not have the Hub? I'm going to immediately assume that your answer is  "[Oh] Yeah!" and, with the help of HasbroMLP, he'll be hosting a Livestream of the premiere on our behalf...

So click on the link(s) below to join the livestream... Remember, the premiere starts at 10am EST/ 7am PST (if for some reason you needed another reminder)

Main Livestream
Backup Livestream

FPLOONinal Note: I suggest you click on the Main Livestream first before clicking on the backup, since the backup may only be used if the Main Livestream doesn't work...