Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Nightly Megathread #60

by ~Dante-Hinomori

Welcome to the nightly, Derpy broke the nightly, so we will have to make due... |break the below|

Plushies and Customs #8


Don’t blink.
Blink and you’re dead.
Don’t turn your back.
Don’t look away.
And don’t blink.
Good Luck.

Comic Post #68: Twilight Tallies the Votes! / Old Jokes / The Muffin Marks the Spot / Macrotransaction / Pie Harder / Balloon Savior

The votes are in! Is your favorite pony about to appear in Pinkie Says? Well, the graph will at least tell you if your pony is not going to appear. Those results and many more comics after the break.

Sibsy confirmed for working on My Little Pony comic cover

A while back we were hinted to Sibsy working on some of the MLP comic covers. Today she has confirmed her work on the covers. Go here to see her statement, or go past the break for some copypasta.

Minty Fresh Adventure II / I update

    The creators of Minty Fresh Adventure have been busy. They have update the original Minty Fresh Adventure with checkpoints, allowing you to continue your game at a later time , full voice acting, bug fixes and the long-awaited addition of the new items to Trixie's shop! Not only that, but if you paid attention to the   brony show podcast, you would have also found out about a Minty Fresh Adventure II in the works. Above is a video demo of said game, "skip to 32:00 if you only want to see the game". The original updated version can be downloaded here. The people over at Equestria gaming have wrote their own article on their experience with the game. Go here to view the article, or go past the break for some copy pasta.

Mashup: Bun Dem Bronies/ Twisted and Popular/ Babs Starseed/ Good Cider

It's Simon Belmont, the vampire slaughtera'.
Equipped with holy water and I got enough for all of ya.
I'm callin ya...out. Takin' ya... down.
Killin' you again puttin' you back in the ground.

We got a Balloon Party mashup, Korn and Rairty team up, one of two Babs Seed mashups, and Flim and Flam go disco... What a variety! Check them out after the break...

1. Senntenial vs. Skrillex ft. Damian Marley - Bun Dem Bronies
2. Twisted and Popular (Full Edit)
3. Nicki Minaj vs. MLP: FiM - Babs Starseed
4. Good Cider (Good Times/SSCS6000 Mashup)

Pony Puns (Para Países)

Hooray for multilinguality! Anyways in accordance with recent, particularly punny spoilers, I'd say it's time we make a dedicated pun post, like many sites before us: (example)[example]{example}

  This post has just a few simple guidelines.
  1. make a short list of names of cities or countries you know
  2. attempt to ponify them
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Plushies and Customs #7


Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #66

This picture reminds me of Samurai Jack for some reason... More art after the break.

"Magic Duel" (Clip) - The Hub

The Hub has just posted a clip of episode 5. If you don't mind watching spoilers, go past the break!

Stay Brony My Friends : Episode 31

Dustykatt's shenanigans know no bounds as writer M.A. Larson joins the fray! Stay tuned for the madness that ensues!

Join Dustykatt, also known as "The Manliest Brony in the World" as he spins tails of manliness and mustache care. Watch him walk the tightrope of a live telecast with all the grace of Daring Do!

With him will be his sidekick, Screwball. He will be taking your questions for Dustykatt and his guest via our IRC chat or his twitter during the live show. Join us to see what madness we have in store!

Music : Mad Mares / Determination / Twilight's Task / Rarity's Room

Have some music. We got a very nice cover of a parody Mad World, a Scootaloo instrumental, and two 8 bit tracks. Listen to em' after the break.

1.) Mad Mares (Mad World Parody by Ember) ~ Cover by Feather
2.) 700 Subs! - Neu KatalYst - Determination INSTRUMENTAL [Liquid DnB]
3.) Twilight's Task [Original 8-Bit Track]
4.) Rarity's Room [Original 8-Bit Track]

comics : Pinkie's Secret to Happiness / Defiance / Yeah / Not This Again

Usually I say, " Have some early morning comics to start your day. But this time, some of the comics are a little bit darker than usual. Anyways, we got Pinky Pie secrets, awesome fandom backstory, dangerous realizations, and hands. Read em' after the break!