Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Comic Post #68: Twilight Tallies the Votes! / Old Jokes / The Muffin Marks the Spot / Macrotransaction / Pie Harder / Balloon Savior

The votes are in! Is your favorite pony about to appear in Pinkie Says? Well, the graph will at least tell you if your pony is not going to appear. Those results and many more comics after the break.

1. Twilight Tallies the votes! by ~Undead-Niklos

Daring Do with only 5 votes?! What happened everyone? Also, King Sombra would've been funny. The interactions between him and Pinkie Pie... priceless.
2. Old jokes by *Ocarinaplaya

Hey, if he's allowed in your house Twilight, why can't I go there? IT'S NOT FAIR!!
3. The Muffin marks the Spot by *muffinexplosion

The fridge is the most important part of the house, of course you need a map to find its treasures! Personally, I only use it for tomato sauce and ketchup.
4. Macrotransaction

Twilight's money looks like celery... just saying...
5. Pie Harder by *Toxic-Mario

Pie harder? Applejack, why don't you have any faith in Derpy? You can crust her! (that was horrible...)

Balloon Savior by ~Zztfox

Pixel Pinkie is best pony!