Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nightly Megathread #104

Oh, I am a mod now? Cool.

Hello and welcome to tonight's Nightly Megathread. I am your host, SleepToFade. Just call me Sleep. Or don't call me at all, that's fine as well...

Modship... I remember becoming a mod as though it was yesterday.
Oh, right. It was.
This is my first serious post. So I'll just use it as an introduction. Unlike Hyper, I don't have amusing songs. Or fancy word crafting skills. But fear not!

Maybe you already read my name somewhere. I'm the guy who has nothing better to do than repeatedly pressing F5 on his dA inbox and gazing into his e-mails. Eeyup... Anyway, I got some random videos for you tonight. Thanks, FPLOON. And thanks to the whole team.
Go past the break for the rest of this post.

Music: Simple/ Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days/ Most Wonderful of Nights/ Cadence (Dj Gestap remix)/ Above

Some more music to please your ears tonight. And we even have Original Vocal songs. The first one is about Vinyl Scratch. More precisely, about Vinyl before she became famous. An aspiring musician...
The second one is about Rainbow Dash. Another side of her, the side that is frowned upon and feared. Sometimes, the line between respect and fear might fade...

And if you're not in the mood for Vocal stuff, there's some Instrumental Trance. Oh, and Luna joins in with her voice. Technically that's Vocal as well... But it's Luna.

Steven, A.D. - Simple
Coconeru - Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days (Feat. Hannah May)
Aftermath - Most Wonderful of Nights [feat. Princess Luna]
Andrew Clocksin - Cadence (Dj Gestap remix)
Antik9797 - Above

Head on down past the break for all of it.

New Math by Tom Neighrer

Are ya ready to learn your faces off??? Then, this video will be the key to your next test... Watch it, take notes, and prepare for a surprise pop quiz handed to you by Luna during your next Dreamscape!

(Inb4 Mike approves of this video..)

Artsy #126

0 (source)

Now look at Discord. Just... look how badass he is. He is so badass that his number in this Artsy is 0.
And he commands you to vanquish the break for more art. Do you want to mess with him? I think you don't.
Onwards to art! (it's a small one...)

Comics: Writer's Buck / No questions / Research / The Week / The last marshmallow / Unicornspg1
Come with me to divulge your fantasy, look me in the eye as time passes you by, see what I show |past the break we go|

PMV: SWAG IT OUT/ I'll Make a Man out of you/ Applejack is Under Appreciated/ Iné Kafe - Záverečná/ Still Life

We "recently" surpassed 200000 pageviews... and all I got was this PMV post...

Whatevs... I ain't complaining... I like these PMV, brought to you by TheRainbowDash20EquestriasSOAPboxeverymanquinceDJChaoss24, and King Madward Hatchet... (In that order...)

1. Mlp Fim PMV / SWAG IT OUT
2. [PMV] I'll Make a Man out of you
3. Applejack is Under Appreciated PMV
4. [PMV] Iné Kafe - Záverečná
5. [PMV] Still Life

SFM and Miscellaneous Other Things

Above the break you will find death by diabeetus. Below the break you will (hopefully) find another embedded flash from here, some news, and some neat SFM stuff.

Andrew Francis did NOT voice Braeburn


Andrew Francis, after taking a look at Over a Barrel for the first time, realized that his voice did not make the final cut, even though he was originally going to be the VA. Instead, Braeburn was voice by Michael Dangerfield. All this time we thought it was Mr. Francis and no one said anything, weird. Find the revealing tweets below, and thanks to Jordan Olling and his awesome avatar for sending this in.

Plushies and Customs #17

Comic: Heads Up / Balloon Escape / The Great Plan / Accurate Image

Sadness ain't really my thing, but this is drawn so well I just had to use it as a header! Also it reminds me of the cinematic lighting in the Star Trek movies... Anyways moving on. Some brief comics can be found after the break!

My Little Pony Season 3 Promo - Final Four Episodes

This new Promo has been aired and contains scenes from the final episodes of Season 3!

Artsy #125

1 (source)

Congratulations SleepToFade and Hyperdudeman for your new status as mods! Their willingness to gather content and help out is much appreciated. In fact the art in this artsy was also gathered by them!
Art, including a particularly nice wallpaper and gif, can be found after the break

Music: Braeburn Battle Theme/ World in Chaos/ ParTAY (VINXIS and Risen Remix)/ Hush Now

More music today. Most of it electronic, hence Octavia's discontent. But we can't have it all.

There's still some Instrumental Country Rock by GatoPaint, dedicated to Braeburn. Then, there's Trance by ALfiux, something that sounds like a mix of Dubstep and Chiptune by Gremlin and more Dubstep by Constep.

1. GatoPaint - Braeburn Battle Theme
2. ALfiux - World in Chaos
3. Gremlin - ParTAY (VINXIS and Risen Remix)
4. Constep - Hush Now

Listen after the break.