Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nightly Megathread #104

Oh, I am a mod now? Cool.

Hello and welcome to tonight's Nightly Megathread. I am your host, SleepToFade. Just call me Sleep. Or don't call me at all, that's fine as well...

Modship... I remember becoming a mod as though it was yesterday.
Oh, right. It was.
This is my first serious post. So I'll just use it as an introduction. Unlike Hyper, I don't have amusing songs. Or fancy word crafting skills. But fear not!

Maybe you already read my name somewhere. I'm the guy who has nothing better to do than repeatedly pressing F5 on his dA inbox and gazing into his e-mails. Eeyup... Anyway, I got some random videos for you tonight. Thanks, FPLOON. And thanks to the whole team.
Go past the break for the rest of this post.

But before we get to the videos...


The guys over at EqD can't be the only ones who like that stuff. So have some!

This cake is not a lie...
Look at Pinkie, sitting enthroned on that cake. It's her realm. Her domain... Until someone decides to eat it...
That's it with the cake...

The random videos:

The first one is a rather simple PMV to Hooves up High by Silvia Hound. This will make you famous, maker. Thank me later...

In the second slot, there's a video of a NASCAR... car. But it's not a usual car. It's a fabulous one! The maker made some effort to make two Rarity themed NASCAR... cars. [If this is a game, I never played it.]

 And that about covers the media I got for this... Dammit...

The stuff:

First off, I have mail for our faithful mail mare. Deputy Derpy!
I kind of silently promised to do this, so... Have some mail, Derpy.
I got you... A muffin juice maker! 
It basically liquifies the muffins using some highly caustic acids... But it works.

Next up: A short Q&A! Conducted by me, targeted to me.

Sleep: So... You are... *looks into notes* You are SleepToFade? 
Sleep: Yes, that's me. Did you hear from me?
Sleep: No.
Sleep: Oh...
Sleep: But since I'm already here, tell me something about you.
Sleep: Oh, sure. Well... I'm a mod at Discord's Domain. And I delve the depths of deviantArt on my eternal search to gather art.
Sleep: *ZZzzZZ* Err, what? Oh, yeah, interesting. Anything else?
Sleep: ... ... ... That's it.
Sleep: Now that's a word. Good night see you next time. The invoice will come later...

Wasn't it informative? But that leads me to...

The discussion:
Since I'm kind of responsible for gathering art, the discussion will be art-related as well.
I'm asking you: 
What would you say about Q&As with some of our beloved artists who provide us all the delightful pictures we like to see everyday?
Drop your opinion in the comments.
Actually... Drop everything you got in the comments. Have fun with your nightly shenanigans!