Sunday, January 13, 2013

Artsy #127

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You know what's funny? Twi has been both Starswirl and Clover in the series. She is her own master (or something like that). LOADS of art after the break.

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I don't believe a "My Little Pony: _____ is Best Pony" logo for Cheerilee hasn't been made yet. (Not that she is)

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That's my email alert on my phone!

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*APPLE.MOV reference*

"It tastes just like raisins."

Derpy for president.

There is no need to hide who you really are Twi.

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                                                           "KILL ME!"

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A sad pony, let alone a baby, is a NOPE in my book.

And our local griffon nut goes wild.

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Bad touch.

"Happy Leif Ericson Day!"

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