Sunday, January 13, 2013

Comics: Derpy's Skills/ Flutter Chaos/ PONIES!!! - 27/ Pony Comic/ I did not
We've got some rather crazy and random comics this time. But what else could we expect?
I don't mind randomness. And I know you don't either.
Prepare for "Wat." and look beyond the break for all the magic.
Twilight here was the pre-reader.

Derpy's Skills by ~CzudakX

Dexterity contest with Derpy? Which one of her many skills is she going to show off? Find out.

Flutter Chaos by *Guardian-Core

Yes, EqD posted this before.
Yes, it already has like a million views.
But it's fun. Look at it again.

PONIES!!! - 27 by ~Turag

The facial expressions of our ponies are marvelous.

Pony Comic by ~pipomanager-mimmi

Behind this ingenious title, there lies a two panel comic.
Panel number one to the left.
Click the link for panel two.
I got a chuckle out of it.

I did not by *atryl

Another two panel comic.
What did you not, Apple Bloom? What are you looking at?
And what's up with your face?
[For context, see the description]