Sunday, January 13, 2013

Artsy #128

Fluttershy is prepared and well equipped for the jungle of art. Are you?
We got something of pretty much everything. Cute, sad, creepy, awesome, normal...
And of course some of those... interesting... OCs.

Also, there's one more thing. Call it a discussion if you like:

What do you think of our Artsys' length?

Are they too long so that you turn away halfway through? Or are they just fine?
Should we narrow the selection down, i.e. only one picture per artist / raise the level of quality?
Drop your thoughts down in the comments.
And look at *all* that art along the way.

7 (source)
His body is ready.

14 (source)
She has special eyes...

23 (source)
Yay! Weeds!

29 (source)
She took the place of the header pic.

33 (source)
Zecora's meth lab expanded.

41 (source)
Satisfied customers of Zecora's lab.

62 (source)
The source is invalid, actually. He didn't make it himself, it was a commission. But I couldn't track the maker down... Sorry... I will continue later. I. Will. Find. Him.