Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mike's Magical Megathread Madness! (and methodological suggestions)

You're in for a treat tonight folks; My very first nightmare night I mean megathread. To kick it off, have this crazy video Radio wanted me to use! ... ... And then that youtube video was removed from existence. Oh well... moving on.

Insanity ensues after the page break.

Crisis Averted...

Order has been restored to EQMegathreads...

PMV: Welcome To My Life / Bad Apple [PMV] / Sleep / R.I.P

Swattle Swat here with some Swatty PMV's for you to Swat at! Can you handle these PMV's that have been approved of the Swatalicious Swat?!

1.) [PMV] Welcome To My Life
2.) Bad Apple [PMV]
3.) [PMV] Sleep
4.) Short PMV~R.I.P

Music: Celestia/ Twilight Sparkles/ Art of the Dress (post-rock cover)/ Lullaby / The Friendship Door

More music from the EQm delivery service after the break.

Comic Post #12: Muffoid / a rainy day. / PONIES!!! - 14

Song Cover Art Mock Up by *Karzahnii

*Insert unrelated description here* Comics after the break!


Like a Boss

According to Skype I am Twilight... so I'm the boss... |the break is lonely today|

Videos: Pinky Pie and Vinyl Scratch (Remix) / When I'm dark / When Im Party Pinkie

Really guys, this needs to stop... I can't just pull videos out of a magic hat 2 min. before the deadline...
|videos are in the magic hat below the break|

Music: Changeling Discipline/ When Luna rises/ King Somber Boss Battle Theme

Gobble down these halls, I'm the pac with the most.
Eatin' pellets like it ain't no thing; oh **** it's a ghost!

We start with some "Jak II"-like vibe changeling music, follow by some piano, and finishes it off with a boss battle theme for King Somber (who is actually King Sombra, by the way...) Check them out after that break right there...

1. Littleshy - Changeling Discipline
2. When Luna rises
3. [MLP FiM] King Somber Boss Battle Theme

PMV: Rainbow Dash Against Gravity/ Twilight Sparkle - Magic!/ Daring Do

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Daring Do in your face... I know some of us would enjoy these, so check then out after the break!

1. Rainbow Dash Against Gravity
2. Twilight Sparkle - Magic!
3. Daring Do [PMV]

Comic post #11: Preparation/a rainy day/The Hero Equestria Deserves

Cherilee as the Batpony? Ponies swinging on ropes without opposable thumbs?
...I'm gonna have to sit down and think this one through.

Comics after the break! I tried a slightly different format too.

MLP FiM: the Lost Kingdom - Menu System

Hey, look! Another Pony RPG in the works... Comment below the break...

PMV: Hit Me Up-Rarity/ Down the road (but not alone)/ Rainbow Bad Chick

We go some fresh PMVs, straight out of the pizza oven... Check them out after the break...
(FPLOON personally approves of #3...)

1. Hit Me Up-Rarity
2. [PMV] Down the road (but not alone)
3. [MLP PMV] Rainbow Bad Chick

Music: Pegasus Device (Ft.WoodenToaster)/ Rarity is looking for you/ Places That I've Never Been

Everybody's here with me
We got no camera to see
Don't think I'm all in this world
The camera won't let me go~

We got ourselves a remix, an instrumental, and a vocal track... So, that covers everything except mashup, so check then out after the break...

1. Firestreak - Pegasus Device (Ft.WoodenToaster)
2. RuM - Rarity is looking for you
3. Places That I've Never Been [Caine the Doombringer]