Sunday, October 14, 2012

Comic Post #12: Muffoid / a rainy day. / PONIES!!! - 14

Song Cover Art Mock Up by *Karzahnii

*Insert unrelated description here* Comics after the break!

1. Muffoid by ~Zztfox

Seeing all these 8-Bit style comics this guy cranks out makes me want to whip out my NES. If I ever had one. Virtual console it is...
2. a rainy day. by *Coltsteelstallion

I feel like this needs one more panel with an affectionate glance at each other. Oh well, I still had a creepy look on my face after I saw this one. I think that means it's good.
3. PONIES!!! - 14 by ~Turag

From what I'm seeing, this could be a stand alone comic. It's a little strange, and maybe a little suggestive, but whatever, there's your warning. Check the artist's description for previous entries.