Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mike's Magical Megathread Madness! (and methodological suggestions)

You're in for a treat tonight folks; My very first nightmare night I mean megathread. To kick it off, have this crazy video Radio wanted me to use! ... ... And then that youtube video was removed from existence. Oh well... moving on.

Insanity ensues after the page break.

Ok! First order of business! Cakes, cakes everywhere!
...erm... They're looking at me funny. Am I doing it wrong?
...Oh right.

A cake made out of cupcakes?! Cakeception! EqD has good taste in cakes. Yeah, this one ain't new, but it'll have to do... I think my favorite type of cake is yellow cake... No, not the uranium oxides! The one with extra egg yolk. That stuff goes amazingly well with chocolate frosting.

Cake gods pleased? Good. Now we can move on to more trivial matters.
Today, a man skydived supersonically from the stratosphere, and survived. Some are comparing this to a moon landing of our time. (Serioulsy? Has everyone forgotten about the discovery of the Higgs Boson already?!) (Also, wow that was ponified quickly!)

Right... I'm out of funny stuff to post... Stall 'em Olan Rogers!

And for tonight's discussion, I have something a little different from the usual blog zaniness. Twilight sparkle would approve of the organizational stratagem we are about to discuss!

She's got a checklist and everything!

So let's get right to the nitty-gritty then. Any blog that plans on scaling up significantly over time must make sure its tagging system is well-organized and structured for ease of use. Accordingly, we should finalize our tag architecture early on in the life of this blog. The plan so far is to make a dichotomy like this:

      -video (subsection of media corresponding to animated stuff)
      -audio (subsection of media corresponding to music)
      -art (subsection of media corresponding to all art)
      -text (subsection of media corresponding to fanfics/written works)
-Projects (which can also have the appropriate media or news tag)
      -game dev (for fan-made video games)
      -meetups (for FIM-relevant conventions and get-togethers)
      -misc. (Other large-scale group endeavours like charity or competitions)
-News (self explanatory)
      -show (stuff related to episodes/seasons of the show)
      -merch (stuff related to purchasable items)
      -staff (news regarding any of the staff involved in creating the show or the mercy)
-Discussions/Megathreads (group discussion/tomfoolery)
-Blog Zaniness (in case any of the mods want to make a random post they can slap this tag on it)

And by dichotomy, I mean this: say a post is posted with a group of songs. Then that post will have the tags: "Media, audio", almost like a genus-species notation (though not in latin)

The plan for now is to make tags non-mutually exclusive. Yeah, that goes against the rules of dichotomy a bit, but at first glance blog posts do not inherently have mutually exclusive properties. Say for example that you have a game that's in development and the team that's working on it has just released some of the background art they will use. Something like that could have tags like "Media, art, Projects, game dev" because they all technically describe it.

Anyways, This tag system is far from perfect. Commenters, you know what to do: send us your suggestions! Is there a tag you'd like to see? Do you see a way to rework and improve the tag dichotomy? Tell us in the comments! I'll implement changes in the coming days.