Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nightly Megathread #18

This is it men! we conquer the brony world using this blog tonight, or we back down and return the blog to the other admin! Are you ready! Impostors moveout! *Impostors spread throughout to abduct the brony community*, its a beautiful sight isn't it Joe? reminds me of the oasis of light when death had reached me.
Joe: Speaking of which you never finished your story.
Me: alright now where did we leave off? |head past the break if you wish to survive|


MEGA music post #5

Hope you guys stuck with us through the whole day. Don't worry, tomorrow things will be back to normal and we will have a normal background and header. Have a ton of music to put your mind at ease.

1.) Falling Leaves (By TheDashDub)
2.) Twilight Venture IV
3.) Nicolas Dominique - Below The Sky
4.) Travel over Equestria 2 (174UDSI Remix)
5.) Equestrian Space - industrial Sector 7
6.) The Moon Rises-Prism Ripple Cover REMASTERED
7.) Ralm (WoodenToaster + Mic the Microphone) Night-Mare Night
8.) Radiarc - Starlight
9.) Just One Mare (Raindrops)
10.) Carbon Maestro - Lost on the Moon (Piano Cover)

Equestria Inquirer #42

EQI is here again, with tanks and rotary saws. |Go below the break now!|

Radiogenic Takeover Artsy Wartsy Stuff #2

You want more art, you got more art. I don't even need to try to find it, it forms an angry mob at my doorstep finds me. |more after the break|

YTPMV: Pinkie Pie Style - Gangnam Style Spoof / Pony Tales - The Moon / [Fluttershy] ¡At The Gala! - (Sparta Water Mix)

What happens when you combine a YTPMV, Pinkie Pie, and Gangnam style? find out after the break, along with a "the moon", and a sparta remix.

More hints from Meghan McCarthy!


Radiogenic Takeover: Discussion post # 2

Discussion Halloween. |more after the break|



Poll Results #2

Poll results are in, and a new poll is up. Let the campaigning begin, as for me, I'll let my work speak for itself.

Trailer: The Crystal Empire (2012) / FIM Crystal Empire / MLP Cloud Atlas

Trailers, trailers everywhere. go get 'em. |Warning spoilers occur below the break|

Radiogenic Takeover comic post #2: Discord Vs. Friendship- Part 2 /

Who here wants comics? I see Discord raising his hand... er claw... talon. |just find it after the break|

Studly Stallion Stache-off

Steven Magnet: unfair advantage, or disqualified for not being a stallion?

FOB Equestria and Dusty Kat have teamed together to bring about an awareness/charity event called The Studly Stallion Stache-off. It's essentially Movember ponified, in which you grow a mustache or donate to raise awareness/help fight against prostate/testicular cancer. Oh, and there are some cool prizes if you do grow a mustache!

PMV: Loyalty / Homeless Heart / Creeping in My Soul

Ok I've already handled PMVs so... not much different than before. |find them after the break|

Guardian Brony Report from NYCC

The Guardian made an approximately five-minute video report on the brony community at New York Comic Con. It's quite positive (and I'm so jelly of those bronies who got those Derpy cards!!) so make sure to check it out here or here!

Radiogenic Takeover: Discussion Post #1

What would would you like to see of Scootaloo in season 3? |specifics and comments after the break|

Radiogenic Takeover Artsy Wartsy Stuff #1

Robotbob isn't the only one who can make Artsy posts... |head past the break to see for yourself|

Radiogenic Takeover Comic Post 1: Flying Problems / Cutie Mark Crusaders: Diaper Testers! Yay! / This isn't flying

Practice Flight by ~Grenaddas

PMV: Give Your Heart a Break / Best Friends Forever / The Prayer

PMVs, because I can't search anything without finding these... |find them after the break|

RD makeup tutorial.

Halloween is coming up, so you must be prepared. Learn how to make yourself look like Rainbow Dash with one tutorial.

Greetings. I'm taking over, have a nice day.

Greetings and welcome to Radiogenic Takeover Day. I have assumed control of the blog posts, and will be providing everything except breaking news. |head past the break to surrender your will comment|

The Tom and Bloomberg Show Episode 1

This is the pinnacle of fandom animation. The voice work, story line, animation, all of it is amazing! This could easily rival any of the top works our fandom has created. I hope to see more episodes in the near future.

Wake up!