Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nightly Megathread #18

This is it men! we conquer the brony world using this blog tonight, or we back down and return the blog to the other admin! Are you ready! Impostors moveout! *Impostors spread throughout to abduct the brony community*, its a beautiful sight isn't it Joe? reminds me of the oasis of light when death had reached me.
Joe: Speaking of which you never finished your story.
Me: alright now where did we leave off? |head past the break if you wish to survive|

Story Time

Scootaloo was running out of ledge fast. I picked myself up, stumbling slightly from the tilted angle of the ground upon which I stood, and ran in the direction of the figure pursuing Scootaloo. In a moment the figure turned to me, it was human, in part it had the body of a human, shadowy wings of a pegasus, limbs of a buffalo,and the head of a phoenix, and the eyes of a cocatrice. I froze under its gaze, it had no gender, nor distinct reality about it, but it was real. I walked to me and took hold of my neck. with one strict throw I was flying toward the ledge next to Scootaloo. It was luck that saved me, a blast of steam from that direction slowed me until I was able to safely catch the ledge. I pulled myself up and stood next to Scootaloo shielding her. Just then the figure jumped at us and... *ahem* huh? what is it Sekkyn?
Sekkyn: the impostors are having little success, we have not yet even reached fifty thousand pageviews. continue the nightly so that we may have an immediate post to direct new "converts" to.

Story Time

Very well, Sekkyn, direct them to this video then.



How did you like Radiogenic Takeover day? What do you think of story time so far? Why is Scootaloo best pony?