Friday, November 30, 2012

Nightly Megathread #62

Ah yes, an episode we have all been waiting for. Even a die hard Pinkie lover (obviously me) has to take off his hat in honor of this epic episode. It's just gonna be amazing and I hope for more magic explosions then a Michael Bay film.

Spoiler! Magic Duel discussion/specualtion

In just a short while, the battle of the century, or week,  will take place. Some of you have been eagerly anticipating it, some more than others. Past the break you will find all the spoilers and previews for this doozy of an episode. I will also give my theory on how it might end. So far I have been correct on two in a row.
Can I get three!?

Special Comic Post: Luna Says Goodnight!

The weekly, pre-episode comic that everyone enjoys is here. Or rather, here (the first here was merely an indicator that the comic has been released, not providing access to the comic, in case there was a mix up). And... yeah, Luna!

Plushie Post #10

Anyone hungry for hugs?  Can only a stuffed pony scratch that symbolic, nagging itch?  Well then, if these weren't two-dimensional, digital replications, I'd say you're set!  So head on down to the gallery before the loneliness sets in.  You won't regret it.

Top 10 Pony Videos Of November (Voting and Contest)

Aw yeah! It's that time of the month again! It's time for the voting for the Top 10 Pony videos of November!! Click here or after the break to see the rules for voting and, if you want to enter the Top 10 Pony videos contest for a shot at a Steam Game (of your choice) worth up to $15 USD, then click here or after the break as well for details!

[SFM] Trolldier

Ok, so this little video popped up. Nothing special, so I don't know why, but I couldn't stop laughing. So here you go (after the break, THE SUSPENSE!). 

Artsy-Wartsy #70

Pull up a chair and join in the telling of the greatest tales ye will never hear of in your fancy history books. It all started with Swat's Artsy...

The Doctor Dances

[Romance] [Crossover] [Slice of Life] 

Doctor Whooves is a mysterious stallion, nopony knew where he came from, or understands half of what he says. 
Whilst trying to repair the TARDIS to take him back home, he might just discover a reason to stay.
It's time to stop running.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #69

Babs approves of this post, but what she doesn't approve of is immature comments about the post number. Or does she? Heck if I know. Either way, another Artsy is after the break.

Music: Showdown / Scootaloo Slam Those Drums Into Oblivion / Flutterwonder / Babs Seed / Perfect Picture

Alright we've got an instrumental for the "Magic Duel" episode (before it's even out? Stop being hipsters!(Swatteam doesn't mean that.), a Coconeru song for Scootaloo's epic drum playing, another epic Flutterwonder remix (too many to count!), an electro house remix of Bad Seed,and a remix of StormWolf's "Perfect Picture" song.

1.) Radiarc - Showdown
2.) Coconeru - Scootaloo Slam Those Drums Into Oblivion
3.) PinkiePieSwear Flutterwonder (PonyFireStone Remix)
4.) Daniel Ingram - Babs Seed (Varia Remix) [Electro House]
5.) StormWolf - Perfect Picture (Ozzwald's Remix)

Gameloft Working to Correct My Little Pony Problems

I told myself I wouldn't make any more posts on this game, but this one is different. Some people have experienced a terrible problem. No, not the costly issue. Some players received too many heart gems from people, thus crashing their game. Players are not able to reopen the game and are forced to reinstall the game. The game doesn't record any of the purchases you made, thus destroying all the players work and money they put into it. This has also happened to me. A quote from the aritcle,

 As it turns out, Gameloft wasn't expecting My Little Pony players to have so many friends. Apparently I wasn't alone in my troubles, as other players that had gathered hundreds of in-game pals had experienced the same issue — so many friend-bestowed treasure chests popping up on the playing field that the game would crash upon loading.

Their solution?  In the next game update the amount of chests a player can receive will be limited to 100 a day. Go here for the full article, or go past the break for some copy pasta.

comics : Story time for Applebloom / Just fishing / And Not A Single Buck / Rude Awakening

Have some morning comics to start your day! We stories, fishing, apple buckin, and fashion advice. Read em' after the break!

Extended Synopsis for Wonderbolt Academy

AT&T U-verse has released an extended synopsis on episode 7 "Wonderbolt Academy". If you don't care about spoilers, go past the break.