Friday, November 30, 2012

Spoiler! Magic Duel discussion/specualtion

In just a short while, the battle of the century, or week,  will take place. Some of you have been eagerly anticipating it, some more than others. Past the break you will find all the spoilers and previews for this doozy of an episode. I will also give my theory on how it might end. So far I have been correct on two in a row.
Can I get three!?

First off is the synopsis. Just one this time because they all pretty much just say the same thing.

The "great and powerful" Trixie returns to Ponyville, this time as a force to be reckoned with, and defeats Twilight in a magic duel that banishes her from town. 

Next are the previews. I managed to fine a video with all the previews in one!

Next are some screen shots and possible screen shots of the episode.

Obviously Trixie gets a little more hard core when it comes to bragging/taking over.

NOTE! Twilight in these screen shots is not wearing the green necklace. does this mean this isn't part of the episodes? Or does she simply take of the necklace?

And that is pretty much it.
Here is my theory on what will happen.

We already know Twi is getting ready for the Arabian delegates. Trixie then arrives in Ponyville and starts making a mess of the place. Trixie issues a duel to Twi and promptly beats her at said duel. I am pretty sure it is because she cheated using that necklace. But where did it come from? Did she just happen to find this dark magical necklace? Maybe she found it while working at the rock farm. Maybe the horn of Sombra fell from the sky and became a necklace to give Trixie dark powers and get revenge on the mane 6 for destroying him. Maybe it is an element of disharmony. And is this necklace influencing Trixie, or has she just always been this mean.

Trixie then goes on to take over Ponyville and remake it in her image. I believe Twi will then seek refuge in the Everfree forest, where she encounters Zecora. Twi tells the story to Zecora and how she was banished. Zecora then gives her a necklace. Here is another place were my theories differ. Zecora some how knew or figured out what the necklace was from Twi's description of it. She then gave Twi a different necklace, one that would either ward off Trixie's dark magic, or a necklace that would enhance Twi's power. Or maybe the necklace doesn't do anything at all and Zecora just tells Twi that it will help  her. She does this because she knows Twi  is already strong enough. Something like, " Twilight, you were always strong. The strength was in you all along".

    Twi and Zecora go back to the Trixiefied Ponyville to duel Trixie one more time. The duel will once again involve showing off each others magic ability. During this, the Arabian delegates arrive and see this duel. Obviously Twi will defeat Trixie, and at the same time, impress the delegates from Arabia. Turning two birds into oranges with one zap. Now this is where it gets tricky. Does Trixie gain control from the necklace and ask for forgiveness for her wicked ways or was she never under the influence at all? Maybe she will still ask for forgiveness even if she wasn't controlled, or maybe it was just revenge that clouded her judgement. Maybe she gets blasted off, along with the necklace.

Once again, I am not even going to try to solve the friendship lesson. I will leave that to you guys.
Heck, maybe Trixie will do the friendship lesson this time. The mane 6 + Trixie!

Please comment with your own theories on how the episode will turn out and the friendship lesson that will be learned.

Also, do you think Trixie will deserve everything that happens to her in the episode?