Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nightly Megathread #140

And in place of a unicorn we have a princess! As beautiful and terrible as the dawn! As treacherous as the sea! Stronger than the foundation of the earth! All shall love her and despair!

Magical Mystery Cure Episode Review

Season 3 is over, and it was quite the ride.  But it was also a ride that culminated in one of the most controversial decisions in the show thus far: Twilight's Princess Coronation.  While the frustration among the fan base was less vocal than many expected, the Alicorn transformation still overshadowed the plot of the episode itself. It's a shame, since the synopsis promised an interesting look at the nature of Cutie Marks, and offered one last chance for Twilight to prove herself.  With such high emotions and expectations surrounding it, did it deliver?  Well, I ain't gonna answer that in a sentence, so hurdle the break to find out!

Background Music for MMC's Songs Have been Created

Cozy Apple Jack by *Austiniousi

The background music for Saturday's song is here! We've got the links to all of them directly below, or if you prefer the embedded versions, find them after the break. Also, cozy Applejack is amazingly adorable.

Thanks to Daniel for the compositions, Steffan Andrews for his orchestra's performance, and MrNewbyNewb for extracting da musics. Oh yeah, and Jordan for sending everything in. 

Remix ALL the songs

Let the remixes begin.

Aftermath A True True Friend (Aftermath's Remix) House
Delta Brony A True True Friend (Elemental Eurobeat Mix) Eurobeat
Sim Gretina A True True Friend (Sim Gretina's Remix) House
DJDelta0 Celestia's Ballad (Piano Transcription) Acoustic
Flaedr Celestia's Ballad (Flaedr's Remix) Drum'n'Bass
BronEstep I've Got To Find A Way (BronEstep's Remix) Dance
MBAlpha I've Got To Find A Way (MBAlpha's Remix) House
MsIkarishipper I've Got To Find A Way (Cover) Vocal Cover
Mush I've Got To Find A Way (Mush's Remix) 80's Pop
Nozty I've Got To Find A Way (Nozty's Remix) House
Vinyl Scratch I've Got To Find A Way (Vinyl Scratch's Remix) Progressive Trance

Comics: A Ponyville Wedding / Oh Yeah? YEAH! / PONIES!!! - 32 / Twilight's Destiny / What is this Place? / Anniversary Memories / How to Become an Alicorn.... / Buffering

Silly Princess by *Underpable

Comical postage time!! Are you guys ready for some paneled pictures? I DON'T THINK YOU ARE! Prove me wrong below the break. 

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #171

Welcome your new overlord, Princess Twilight.
She already got herself an epic portrait for the throne room at the far end of her lithic castle's vast, cold and empty hallways.

Poll Updates for the Week of 2/17/2013

Poll results are in! Honestly, you guys liked the episode more than I thought you did. Three masterpieces?! Alrighty then.

We've got the finale episode to rate this week, so get to it! ------>

PMV Tutorial: Malathrom's After Effects

Do you like PMVs and ever have considered to get started with one yourself?
Then this tutorial might be helpful for you. Malathrom, the creator of the VFX fireworks VFX are magic and Shy, made one for Adobe After Effects.
You don't need any additional and expensive fancy plugins, just the basic program. Which already is awfully expensive on its own, but pretty powerful at least.

Nevertheless, watch the tutorial on YouTube or here after the break.

Applejack's Apple Harvest

Applejack's Apple Harvest
Want to see something awesome in the morning?
~renegadecow made another one of these incredible wooden automatons, as shown above.
The figures, stand, tree and bushel are carved out of Philippine mahogany while the gears and apples are made out of Narra hardwood. They're painted in enamel and protected by clear flat lacquer. Applejack stands at 5 1/8" tall (with her hat down) while the entire complete piece measures 11 3/4" high, 9 1/2" long, and 3 1/2" wide. It took 161 hours to complete.
Visit his deviantArt page and watch the whole thing in action on YouTube or here after the break.