Sunday, February 17, 2013

Comics: A Ponyville Wedding / Oh Yeah? YEAH! / PONIES!!! - 32 / Twilight's Destiny / What is this Place? / Anniversary Memories / How to Become an Alicorn.... / Buffering

Silly Princess by *Underpable

Comical postage time!! Are you guys ready for some paneled pictures? I DON'T THINK YOU ARE! Prove me wrong below the break. 

Applejack, suddenly a much less desirable sister. No seriously, that's some sketchy stuff. 

Celestia made her an alicorn. Might that have been the alicorn mom was seeing in Cloudsdale? Hehe... 

Haven't been following this series for a while, still no idea what's going on. 

Well... let's just say it's a good thing Twilight didn't actually see it that way. Wait a second... this could've actually been interesting. Gah.  

She's in space. Space. Space. SPPAPAAAAACE.  

Ladies and gentlemen, the former captain of the royal guard and prince of the Crystal Empire.

7. How to Become an Alicorn in 20 Minutes or Less by *CrownePrince

Comic artists really love to tear apart the episode today, eh?

8. Comic: Buffering by *sophiecabra

Perhaps they should've made the clips on the side of the room a shape other than 16:9 rectangles because I obviously wasn't the only one that thought Celestia just pulled them up from YouTube.

9. Something new (spoiler alert) by *Jiayi

Thank god all the alicorn stuff wasn't a total headfake. If this were the real destiny I think even I would flip my sh**.