Saturday, January 5, 2013

Nightly Megathread #97

What is this I don't even... by *Austiniousi

Vikings are so bad...anyway, ponies. Here. Now. In the present day ready for you guys to talk about (or not).

Music: One Summer's Day/ Lessons Learned/ The Moon Rises (Epic metal version)/ Dreaming/ Until The Sun (Feat. Feather and Replacer) (Aviators Remix)

I tried to keep my distance
as you changed your face again
You fake your direction
So I don't see where you could go

We got a relaxing Applejack song from Evening Star, a sad Twilight song from TheKingLunar, an epic metal cover of Ponyphonic's The Moon Rises by The L-Train, a Scootaloo song from ElectroKaplosion, and a Aviators remix of &I's Until The Sun!

1. {MLP:FiM:} Evening Star - One Summer's Day
2. Twilight - Lessons Learned (Original MLP Song)
3. The Moon Rises (Epic metal version)
4. Dreaming (Original Song) {Scootaloo}
5. &I - Until The Sun (Feat. Feather and Replacer) (Aviators Remix)

Animation: Rainbow Dash Attempts to break the Land Speed Record

Super cool animation under these very words! Looks like Twilight and Rainbow's voices just got a whole lot deeper. Flamingo releasing those flash puppets has definitely spawned some good animations these past few weeks. 

A Year in Brony Artwork

We have a new year ahead of us, one full of endless possibilities... but that doesn't mean we're done lookin' at the old one.  After the break, a video detailing a year in artistic accomplishments awaits you... and considering the fandom, there's quite a few stand-outs.  Check it out!

PMV: Angels/ Tongue Tied/ The Reason ( Twilight Sparkle)/ Rarity is the mare all the bad guys want/ deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way Professional Griefers

Is it weird that I finds this funny?
(We do thank you for your pageview/content contribution from viewers/commenters like you... ¡Gracious!)

These PMVs are brought to you by MlpLunaRepklickrishNicktendo360SpikeroTheDragon, and OfficialFromTheSky... (in that order...)

From Luna to Twilight... These [simple] PMVs are worth the checking...

1. Luna - Discord PMV Angels
2. Tongue Tied [PMV]
3. PMV- The Reason ( Twilight Sparkle)
4. Rarity is the mare all the bad guys want [PMV]
5. [PMV] deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way Professional Griefers

How Not To Be Seen

Have you ever wondered how not to be seen? It may not be on your top To-Do list, but I'm sure this video will help you when you don't want to be seen...

(Translation: Monty Python + Ponies = Instant Win!)

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #115


Derp Edition... because I'm basically the only one who can spot them when doing a numbered post like this one...

Prepare for the art invasion, held off by this break right here!

Music: The Portrait (Knights of Equestria Remake)/ Trusting You/ Another Day Passes By (Remastered)/ Just Be My Friend/ ong Way From Equestria [Instrumental Guitar Cover]

If you want to stay then you can be here with me
But I can't let go of all this love, oh no, so easily
I said, if you want to stay then you can be here with me
But I can't let go of all this love, oh no, so easily

We got a ponified remake of a Titanic song from Knights Of Equestria, an acoustic collab from Megaphoric and Joaftheloaf, a remastered country blues song from Night Breeze, a classical crossover from TheKingLunar, and an instrumental guitar cover of the song A Long Way from Equestria from BronySaiyanZF2202!

Don't forget to show your support for these Brony musicians and producers!

1. James Horner - The Portrait (Knights of Equestria Remake)
2. Trusting You - Megaphoric feat. Joaftheloaf
3. [Country Blues] Another Day Passes By (Remastered)
4. Discord - Just Be My Friend (Original MLP Song)
5. Long Way From Equestria [Instrumental Guitar Cover] By: BronySaiyanZF2202

Comics: Mega Mailmare / Pony 4 Koma / SPOILERS for episode 10

Derpy Derp by *Chubble-munch

You know how foals seem to have those really creepy eyes? Now imagine them with derpy's eyes. Pinkie Pie's sitter job just go a whole lot more horrific. Comics after the break.

Comics: The Great Plan / The Origin of Queen Chrysalis / Game Derps

Comics for this morning are also brought to you by SleepToFade. Check 'em out after the break!

Mashup: Cooler Than Smiles/ Meet Your Master & F**k It & Been Dreaming I Been Waiting/ Magic and Bull****/ Behind the Untouched Moon/ United States of Clop 2012

On my way home, I thought of many things.
Are we allowed to make brand new beginnings?
Well we want to move, who pulls our strings?
On my way home, I thought of many things.

We got a Mike Posner/Pinkie Pie mashup from Nightmare Lyra, a remix mashup from Dean Birchum, a Living Tombstone/Rita Ora mashup and a Living Tombstone ft. Glaze/The Veronicas/Kelly Clarkson triple mashup from s2jdfgs, and a mega music mashup from Psycosis (based off Saberspark's Top 25 Brony songs of 2012)

1. MASHUP - Mike Posner Vs. Pinkie Pie - Cooler Than Smiles
2. Meet Your Master & F**k It & Been Dreaming I Been Waiting - Korn Vs NIN Vs Rainbow Dash (2013)
3. The Living Tombstone vs. Rita Ora - Magic and Bullshit
4. The Living Tombstone ft. Glaze vs. The Veronicas vs. Kelly Clarkson - Behind the Untouched Moon
5. United States of Clop 2012

Artsy #113

Yet more art gathered by SleepToFade! Someone's on the fast track to becoming a mod...
With luck, today will not be as slow as the last. Though it'd still be nice to have a group thread related to a fun activity like the one thought up by TwilightIsMagic yesterday. I'll certainly be brainstorming. Leave any ideas you have in the comments and we may implement them.
Anyways, art after the break!