Saturday, January 5, 2013

Music: One Summer's Day/ Lessons Learned/ The Moon Rises (Epic metal version)/ Dreaming/ Until The Sun (Feat. Feather and Replacer) (Aviators Remix)

I tried to keep my distance
as you changed your face again
You fake your direction
So I don't see where you could go

We got a relaxing Applejack song from Evening Star, a sad Twilight song from TheKingLunar, an epic metal cover of Ponyphonic's The Moon Rises by The L-Train, a Scootaloo song from ElectroKaplosion, and a Aviators remix of &I's Until The Sun!

1. {MLP:FiM:} Evening Star - One Summer's Day
2. Twilight - Lessons Learned (Original MLP Song)
3. The Moon Rises (Epic metal version)
4. Dreaming (Original Song) {Scootaloo}
5. &I - Until The Sun (Feat. Feather and Replacer) (Aviators Remix)