Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nightly Megathread #12

I've been playing too much Pokemon Black 2... so, I decided to use this picture... It speaks for itself...

Anyway, how your Page Break life?

Animation: Gangnam Style (with montage)

Are you getting tired of Gagnam Style yet? No? Yes? Whatever your answer is, you are still having more slapped in your face here.

New pony flash game!

New flash game out! It's friggin awesome! Oh jeez, it's got everything you could ever want! you won't even believe it! I won't spoil anything for you though just do yourself a favor and play it!

Season 3 preview

NYCC MLP panel

NYCC had it's epic My Little Pony panel earlier tonight. Spoilers, spoilers, everywhere!
Stray beyond the page break with extreme caution. Again; SPOILERS:

Music: The Sky Above/ SimGretina Mix/ Smashed Balloon Party Incomplete

There, ya happy Radio? I made a happy Scootaloo post for you. I was afraid you'd kill yourself again if I didn't make one...

Music after the break.

PMV - Galvanize the Solar Empire

This PMV needs its own post. Why? Because Star Wars, that is why. Make sure to watch the ending. Also, try to contribute in the comments. You will see what I mean.

Music: Celtic Smile / Hurricane's Army / Thinking 2.0 / Applebloom's Story / If I Go Back

Want some more music?  Have some more music.  After the break, of course.

1.) ElectroKasplosion Feat. Alioopster27
2.) DannyBronyMusic
3.) ZeeBrony
4.) CarbonMaestro
5.) CeltikOfficial

Top Ten Brony Songs for September 2012-Community Voted

Well, you guys voted, so we now present to you the top ten Brony songs of September 2012!

PMV : The Greatest Show Unearthed / Steady as the Beating Drum / Pinkie is a Maniac

We have three PMVs for you today. #1 seems to fit very well for this month, considering the upcoming Nightmare Night. Enjoy em after the break!

1.) The Greatest Show Unearthed - PMV
2.) My Little Disney: Steady as the Beating Drum
3.) Pinkie is a Maniac

Music : lil' apple / Octavia's Overture / This Is Nightmare Night / Celestia's Anguish

Good morning everyone. Hope you all slept well. We got a bunch of music this morning. Actually, we have a bunch of music every morning. If you are still tired, I suggest watching #3. It's a waker-upper. Enjoy!

1.) Taps - lil' apple #NEW ALBUM/EP COMING
#2.) The Living Tombstone - Octavia's Overture (Sonic Breakbeat Remix)
3.) Meelz ft. Koroshi-Ya - This Is Nightmare Night
4.) Korw - Celestia's Anguish [Original Mix]

Preorders of My Little Pony #1 Over 90,000 Copies!

Wow, the advance orders for the first issue of the My Little Pony comic from IDW total over 90,000!
This includes all the covers and the box set with six covers.

Equestria Inquirer #41

Equestria Inquirer has just submitted another edition to their off-the-wall, hypothetical pony newspaper. Feel free to head past the break and see their 41th video below.