Friday, December 14, 2012

Nightly Megathread #76

Swatteam accidentally the header? I don't know what your talking about...
Anyway go after the break for NM goodness!

Plushies and Customs #12

1a, 1b, & 1c

It's times like these where I wish I had a 3D printer. I believe one of my fellow bloggers has one though...*sigh* Guess I'll have to blackmail him now... Never before seen plushies and customs after the break.

Megan McCarthy Interviewed By Nerd Reactor

Head writer Megan McCarthy was interviewed by John 'Spartan' Nguyen of Nerd Reactor about the writing process of the show as well as the Brony fandom! I personally like this interview, especially when the writing process is brought up... Click here to check it out!

Thank you DHN for the heads-up!


Cloud busting... nothing new to dash, but when the wonderbolts ask it can you guide her to victory? |Test your skills below the break|

PMV: Mare of Steel Trailer 2 / TwiRutt / I need a Hero / Guess what came out early

And then Luna was rap- lectured.

A PMV trailer of Man Of Steel, a short PMV of Brother Bear, PMV of latest episode [obvious spoiler], and something you all might be feeling right now...

1.) Mare of Steel Trailer 2
2.) TwiRutt
3.) [SPOILERS] [PMV]I need a Hero [SPOILERS]
4.) Guess what came out early

Music/Teaser: Derpy the Red-Nosed Pony/ Wheels/ Exile (Community House Mix)/ Bittersweet featuring Temporal Walker

Draw for the poor free coffee at the banks
Hit through the straw none more for me, thanks
That blanks the raw that dang sure stank lit
Sank passed the pit for more hardcore prank spit

We have an encore of "Derpy the Red-Nose Pony" for those of you who missed the last Nightly Megathread, Wheelstep, and a teaser from both Sonic Breakbeat and [voodoopony]!

1. Derpy the Red-Nosed Pony
2. Samurai Dance Party - Wheels
3. [TEASER] Sonic Breakbeat - Exile (Community House Mix)
4. [Teaser] Bittersweet featuring Temporal Walker

Music: Last Flight / Hooves Up High / Castle Grounds

"Yes~, those bloggers will never know what hit them!" Swat said...
A guitar riffin' instrumental song for Rainbow Dash, a euro funk remix of Hooves Up High, and some orchestra for Canterlot.

1.) Last Flight - (Rainbow Dash - inspired by Firgof on DA)
2.) [Euro Funk Mix] Hooves Up High ft. Forest Rain
3.) Radiarc - Castle Grounds

Artsy Wartsy Stuff #90


Nothing beats late night gaming, eh Inkie? No disruptions... No distractions... Nada.

But then you end up sleeping in almost every class even with the help of Monster.

Comics: Punishment Time/ Too 'Mini' Pinkies/ MLP: Revenge is Tragic/ Decoration time!/ A Derpy Date Part 6

Derp... Pink... Revenge... Muffin... Date...
These comic's are amazing, so check them out after the unlocked break...

New My Little Pony Shirts at WeLoveFine

More new shirts have popped up on WeLoveFine. I call this the Crystals and Headphones Edition, considering what new shirts are now available. And since their sale is still having their sale right now, you now have even more choices of shirts to choose between. Click here or any of the shirt images here or after the break to check them out!

Extended Synopsis for Spike at Your Service Revealed

Another extended synopsis has been revealed on AT&T U-verse, this time for Episode 10, Spike at your Service. IF you don't care about spoilers, go past the break.