Friday, December 14, 2012

Music/Teaser: Derpy the Red-Nosed Pony/ Wheels/ Exile (Community House Mix)/ Bittersweet featuring Temporal Walker

Draw for the poor free coffee at the banks
Hit through the straw none more for me, thanks
That blanks the raw that dang sure stank lit
Sank passed the pit for more hardcore prank spit

We have an encore of "Derpy the Red-Nose Pony" for those of you who missed the last Nightly Megathread, Wheelstep, and a teaser from both Sonic Breakbeat and [voodoopony]!

1. Derpy the Red-Nosed Pony
2. Samurai Dance Party - Wheels
3. [TEASER] Sonic Breakbeat - Exile (Community House Mix)
4. [Teaser] Bittersweet featuring Temporal Walker