Monday, May 13, 2013

[Discussion] Equestria Girls

So, apparently some of you are eager to talk about EqG. Consider this our official place for you to do that.
Drop your opinions, thoughts, rants and everything else here.

I'll add some information that I know of after the break.
If you know more, provide a reliable source.

Also, I won't partake in the discussion.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #251 + Comics

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I'll open a discussion post for you EqG people in an hour or so.
I think it was Flutterguy who requested one a while ago anyway.

EDIT: Comic addition by Pixelkitties. Because of reasons.

News tidbits

Steffan Andrews was out on the interwebs and he linked to this article. I have nothing nice to say, so I won't say anything.

But there's good news too! Andrews and Ingraham have been nominated for Leo awards, so yay! Good for them.
...That is all. Go about your business. I'm still busy with science.

...Actually, for the lols, I recommend reviving this humongous thread right here. I doubt anyone knows just why it blew up like that, but trig stumbled across it and there's so many comments it's honestly funny. So let's keep a joke going that's already been going on way too long! XD