Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nightly Megathread #105

Music: Kindness/ Twi's Light/ Somepony Like You (Ft. SubSound)

Don't wait to find what's in the past
Don't wait to see what doesn't last
Don't fret about what doesn't suit ya
Try to forget about the future

We got some vocal rock from AcoustiMandoBrony, some trance from 3SPIRIT, and a collab with AgileDash & RainbowRapper feat. SubSound...

The music's so fresh, your ears will thank you...

1. Kindness - Original MLP music by AcoustiMandoBrony
2. 3SPIRIT- Twi's Light
3. AgileDash & RainbowRapper - Somepony Like You (Ft. SubSound)

Artsy #128

Fluttershy is prepared and well equipped for the jungle of art. Are you?
We got something of pretty much everything. Cute, sad, creepy, awesome, normal...
And of course some of those... interesting... OCs.

Also, there's one more thing. Call it a discussion if you like:

What do you think of our Artsys' length?

Are they too long so that you turn away halfway through? Or are they just fine?
Should we narrow the selection down, i.e. only one picture per artist / raise the level of quality?
Drop your thoughts down in the comments.
And look at *all* that art along the way.

Poll Results: Who would survive the zombie-pony apocalypse?

Phoenix vs Griffon. So who came out on top? Correct, Phoenix is Wright. No Ursa love, and diversity among the others. |more after the break|

Merchandise: Notebooks in Chile

Live in Chile? Buy one of these fabulous new notebooks from Proate for 850 pesos at a Jumbo near you! If you check a currency converter do the math, that is equivalent to a mere $1.80! Check them out after the break!

Sourced from EquestriaNet and DHN.

Comics: Derpy's Skills/ Flutter Chaos/ PONIES!!! - 27/ Pony Comic/ I did not
We've got some rather crazy and random comics this time. But what else could we expect?
I don't mind randomness. And I know you don't either.
Prepare for "Wat." and look beyond the break for all the magic.
Twilight here was the pre-reader.

We love you, Cheerilee!

Cheerilee doesn't get enough love here. Time to fix that. Head past the break if you think your body is ready.

Comics: Sparkles Experiments Complete

NavitasErasSirus has finished the last entry in the "Sparkles Experiments" comics! Our purple genius/best pony has been conducting experiments on herself and her friends, where in many occasions what could go wrong has gone wrong. There is the possibility that aftermath strips will be made.

Start from the beginning (like me) or see the conclusion if you have been following it already.

Mandopony Collaborating With...

Right on the heels of the release of Mandopony and AcousticBrony's new song Kindness it looks like a collaboration is in the works. And not just any colab, but with Andrea Libman herself, the voice of Pinkie Shy and Flutterpie! Excited? Hungry? Let us know in the comments below.

More Playing Around With Flash

There's a very nice little flash animation (with music) after the break, as well as some other randomness for your enjoyment.

Music: Dreamscape / Unfathomable Beauty / All Because of You / Organization / Design With Me

I bet Kyo will get a kick out of this. I certainly did. ...Yeah, it's a bit of a slow day. Have some songs for now, and prepare for some randomness!
  1. Dreamscape (Luna) - Retrotype [EP Release]
  2. Zykrath - Unfathomable Beauty
  3. All Because of You (By TheDashDub ft. Faux)
  4. Organisation (Ft. Coster)
  5. Nameless Warning Design With Me

Andrew Francis would Like us to Support the British Columbia Film Industry

Andrew Francis, not the voice of Braeburn, is reaching out to the bronies for help on saving the British Colombian Film Industry and asks us to sign a petition. Well what are you waiting for? CHARGE!

Original Tweet:

Thanks to Jordan Olling for letting us know!

Artsy #127

1 (source)

You know what's funny? Twi has been both Starswirl and Clover in the series. She is her own master (or something like that). LOADS of art after the break.