Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Nightly Megathread #150

Down to the sea you go, the nightly megathread will show |not never before pagebreak|

Interview with Adlynh

Pinkie and the derp mail by *Adlynh
The interview with Adlynh is over. A lot of quesions have been asked and of course answered.
Also, the fact that Derpy is in both posts' header image is no coincidence, it seems.

So, go past the break for an embedded player with the full interview.
But first, have two links you really should check.


Watch and follow her.

Hub Has the Best Tweets

Chaos Capitol of Animations

Anyone order early morning (blog time) animations? well even if you didn't, no refunds |might as well go below the break then|

Sweetie Flick by: RenaissanceBrony Fullscreen
GreetingCard JNA Sings by: SiopaoNinja Fullscreen
Derpy's Dream(also screen saver) by: Spectrum1794 Fullscreen
Vinyl Scratch moviendo La Cabeza by: JeanPPB Fullscreen
Vinyl Scratch moviendo La Cabeza v2 by: JeanPPB Fullscreen

Comics: Of Hands and Hooves / Big Macosgrove / Princess fight part 2 / Caelestis Ex: Pony Revolution

Up above we have have the B cover for the Micro-Series Issue #2 featuring Rainbow Dash. I know which cover I'm getting. And down below, the usual comic wackiness you've come to expect from this fandom. Enjoy!

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #181

Well, my deviantArt account still doesn't work. So I had to improvise this one and rely on my other sources.

PMVs for your Humpday

Yet another big batch of PMVs today. Either they're really crawling out of the woodwork, or I just was never looking hard enough. Either way, they're here and waiting to be watched. Go for it.

Flutterguy999 Good Feeling Flo-Rida
Shadow43661 A.T.W.A. System Of A Down
Summer Brooke Raise Your Glass Pink
Warning: Explicit Lyrics
LeoPMV Mercenary Panic! at the Disco
222wrolox1 Hero Skillet
MylittleponyGoldG Radioactive Imagine Dragons
Nikkvinsi Bloodhound Gang Bloodhound Gang
Backflip42 Tongue-Clucking Grammareian MC Frontalot
Ketzerdrache Becoming Insane Infected Mushroom
Kristaliron Jealous Lover Rainbow

The Music Hour (with Music, of course)

A brand new twist with the homie-alistic
So low-key that ya probably missed it
And yet it's so loud that it stands in the crowd
When the guy takes the beat, they bowed

Hello, and welcome to another "The Music Room"... We have some vocal Drum & Bass, a couple of remixes, and more this hour...

1. Blaze & Pipsqueak Dreamin' Drum & Bass
2. Valentyne Bourtsev Rest and Peace Ambient
3. Trygon Chrono House
4. JDA5H RD Disapproval Techno
5. Assertive Fluttershy Boo Hoo [BronyFireMusic Remix] Dubstep
6. Constep Crystallize Dubstep
7. Radiarc Cynosure: Seeking (Preview) Classical (Cinematic)
8. Trygon & Silvertooth Beta Dubstep
9. Blaze I'm Fluttershy (GDJP Remix) Dance
10. ShatteredSoundsFM Adventures in Bookfort Chiptune

Mysterious Pony unveiled

Well, not literally. But as you can see on the package, it has a name now. Sunset Shimmer.
Apparently she's indeed a unicorn and the sixth addition to the "Crystal Princess Celebration's Playful Pony set" that'll be released this fall.

Information via My Little Pony News via MLP Arena.

Also, she's released together with the Mane6 minus Twilight. So, in a sense she's the new Twilight.
Wild speculation time again!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and Shout! Factory is going to release a Season 2 DVD box set "soon".
This news via DHN.

Shorty awards Finalists: Tara Strong and MLP Included

Good news everyone! Shorty Awards finalists have been announced, including Tara Strong as best actress and MLP:FiM as 4th best show - nominations are up there with the likes of Pewdiepie, Minute Physics, and a canadian astronaut! ...That puts it in perspective, right? ...I may be biased. Looks like voting might still be open, so perhaps we can make sure Tara stays on top, and FiM climbs the ladder.

 Also thanks to Jordan Olling for once again keeping us up-to-date.