Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Comics: Of Hands and Hooves / Big Macosgrove / Princess fight part 2 / Caelestis Ex: Pony Revolution

Up above we have have the B cover for the Micro-Series Issue #2 featuring Rainbow Dash. I know which cover I'm getting. And down below, the usual comic wackiness you've come to expect from this fandom. Enjoy!

Of Hands and Hooves by *UC77

You know what we need? More hand jokes.

Big Macosgrove by *Omny87

Apparently it's a Freakazoid reference. Couldn't tell ya, never watched it.

MLP: Princess fight part 2

Poor Shining. It would be great to see an episode like this.

Caelestis Ex: Pony Revolution by ~Senselesssquirrel

The other mods really liked this one. I never played the game, personally.