Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Alright, then everyone, and welcome to Nightly Megathread Number... HOLY-  IS THAT RIGHT?  100?!?!  Aw, jeez!  I didn't even... well, alright then.  Head on past the break and prepare yourself for some serious partying.

Meanwhile on Twitter...

M.A. Larson was holding a 45-second Q&A revolved around the "Cutie Mark Chronicles" episode... Many questions were both asked and answered and... well... Let me just show you the results after the break...

Ponies sliding into boxes

HRRNNNNNNNNNNG!!!!!  *dies* Guys, this is not a safe video... most likely you're gonna watch it anyway because the tempting thought of fillies sliding into boxes is too great to pass up. But do- AH MAH GOD, PINKIE SLIDING INTO A BOX! *dies 50 times*

Artsy #119

Wow! I hadn't realized the true volume of new art SleepToFade had been finding and submitting until I dredged out our crowded inbox. It just kept piling up during the past few days! There are also a couple artworks submitted to the site by Hyperdudeman this time around! Like the music this morning, this art is being posted to clear out the inbox while making certain that everything has at least a chance to be seen.  The side effect of that may be that a couple of these artworks have already been displayed elsewhere. Also halfway through the post there is a huge repository of stuff SleepToFade submitted, just as hyperlinks, so you can know just how awesome he is even if we couldn't necessarily post it all, a couple days back.

Also just a quick note: I have found a simple solution to the image distortions the java program causes, but for the time being it somewhat defeats the purpose of automating with a program in the first place because it would require us to go back through the posts made with the program and make modifications. It's certainly worth a try though. I'll pass that code around tomorrow.

Random Megathread/Media

Ok what better reason to make a post than for practically no reason at all!? Somehow this has a reason too, though... that probaby seems impossible, BUT IT IS.

I've got a VocalTwit from Tara with *gasp* Jabbahwocky's! Right here

An official Pinkie Pie's Party Cannon Blast game, via my link wizardry. and after the break I've set up a comment game made by Colgate

Plushies and Customs #16

MAN I'm loving Mike's program! I can't say this enough, YOU'RE A FREAKIN' GENIUS! Ahem, plushies. We have a lot more than usual in this one, so be prepared!

Fandom Tandom

Want pony jewelery? How about some portraits of your favorite ponies to put in your secret shrine hang on your wall? Buttons? Pins? What if you absolutely hate ponies, but want the same sort of thing from other geeky crazes? (Why are you on this site anyway?) Bam, they're all over at Fandom Tamdom. Catherine Szaulis, owner of the shop, is selling her works based off shows such as Doctor Who, Adventure Time, Lucky Star, Haruhi and of course My Little Pony. Check out her shop here!

Derpy Hooves Acrylics on Stretched Canvas (original)

Comics: Life Can Be Hard / Science Diary / Tales From Ponyville Chapter 1 Page 3 / Twilight and Apple Bloom in "Il Maestro"

Header images are too mainstream.

Artsy#MadeByCommenters (118)

1 (source)

SleepToFade literally made this artsy, with the help of the program that was put up yesterday. After seeing it in the email it took only five minutes to post. So best case scenario, stuff submitted in the future can go right up on the blog almost immediately... Cool!

...I can't wait till I've figured out how to make the program not distort images though...

Morning Mega Music Post

So... apparently this was inspired by Trig? (see Youtube description)

There's lots of songs and miscellaneous music from the past couple days which may or may not have been posted here or on EqD. I've done some preliminary checks, but for the most part, this post is just to clear out the blog inbox somewhat (in preparation for the implementation of the next blog-augmenting program), and make sure that everything we were sent at least has its chance to be seen.
LOTS of music after the break!