Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Morning Mega Music Post

So... apparently this was inspired by Trig? (see Youtube description)

There's lots of songs and miscellaneous music from the past couple days which may or may not have been posted here or on EqD. I've done some preliminary checks, but for the most part, this post is just to clear out the blog inbox somewhat (in preparation for the implementation of the next blog-augmenting program), and make sure that everything we were sent at least has its chance to be seen.
LOTS of music after the break!

  1. Mogul Dash - Sparkle in Time
  2. Hush (Danielpony & TheDashDub) [900 Subs!]
  3. Magic And Loyalty
  4. Ch0pis - Fluttershy (Hay Tea Remix)
  5. El Miedo de la Sombra [Original composition by NomNom]
  6. Resonantwaves - Timberwolves Den
  7. Jastrian - Sound of Flight
  8. moar hoov plz - rainsnowhail [Filly FIller # 3]
  9. The Timberwolf
  10. PrinceWhateverer (ft. P1K, Scrambles and ISMBOFepicly) - Not Letting Go
  11. [PMV] Hallelujah (HD)
  12. Blaze & Sub.Sound - Fly Away