Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nightly Megathread #160

FPLOON: Hyper, where's your Nightly?
Hyper: It's 9:30. I've got an hour and a half
FPLOON: Did you even read my announcement yesterday?
Hyper: Son of a-

Tonight, we're testing out the earlier time mentioned yesterday. I'm not saying she's a gold digger this is permanent, that has yet to be officially decided. For now, just go enjoy yourself after the break.

Top Ten Brony Songs for January 2013

Yes, January. Better late than never, though. Click the picture to see it or head past the break for the embed.


... Sorry, I just can't promise not to repost this again some time.
More related to the title, though, have some comics after the break.

Brony Documentary Featured in Kansas City FilmFest!

Excellent news! It looks like the Brony Documentary has been accepted into it's first (and hopefully not last) film festival!

So in the end, despite it's setbacks, the documentary is starting to get out there - it even had enough momentum to help out with the LPU relief effort! Congratulations to Mike Brockhoff and the whole documentary team! We hope you find much more success. Keep being awesome!

Check out their anouncement here or after the break.

Poll results: FIW8: Foaly Matripony Rating

Well you voted, and here are your results. For anyone who has not seen the episode click here. For those unfamiliar with Friendship is Witchcraft click here. |For those who want to view more results, see comments  or write them, proceed after the break |

Comic Megathread

One of the few good things to come from LPU - supposedly Andy Price drew these unique comic covers there.

Anyways, the first story arc of the FiM comic books has been wrapped up and more comics will be released later this month. From what you have seen of the comics so far, what do you think of them? Better than the show? Worse than the show? More artistic freedom? Too many references you didn't get? Let us know in the comments!

For those who haven't yet read the comics, there are snippets in lots of places, to give you a general idea if you wish. The first that come to mind are here and here.

Midday Megathread: Soda Edition

It's a slow day, so why not have a Megathread to make things more lively? Head past the break as usual to get started.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #192

Thank you, Alasou. I couldn't even properly express how much I love them...
More Fluttershy (and other ponies...) after the break.

Random Videos (including Double Rainboom sneak peek)+ Midday Megathread

Here in So-Cal the closest thing we get to snow is slush and the closest thing that we have to a snow pony is a slushman worthy of having a "kill me" caption under it. Anyway, it's a slow day so why not have some videos and make a good ol' megathread, hm?

Also there's a sizeable leak of Double Rainboom, that fan-made episode, from MomoCon.

Wind [SFM]

Isn't the outdoors just relaxing?
...No seriously. Is it? I wouldn't know firsthand.

Toywiz Merchandise

Hmm... Boy do I wonder whether Hasbro considers the older Fanbase a marketable audience... Gee I wish there was some way to know for sure... *some sort of sarcasm*

Anyways Toywiz recently advertised a bunch of fairly epic merchandise targeted towards bronies. I guess these pre-orders ship soon. Check out some of the other stuff after the break.