Sunday, March 10, 2013

Brony Documentary Featured in Kansas City FilmFest!

Excellent news! It looks like the Brony Documentary has been accepted into it's first (and hopefully not last) film festival!

So in the end, despite it's setbacks, the documentary is starting to get out there - it even had enough momentum to help out with the LPU relief effort! Congratulations to Mike Brockhoff and the whole documentary team! We hope you find much more success. Keep being awesome!

Check out their anouncement here or after the break.
We are extremely pleased to announce that the Bronies documentary will be featured at the Kansas City FilmFest on April 11 & 13. This is a monumental step forwards towards spreading the word about the film and what the Brony community is about.
In addition to the screenings, there will be Q&A's with producers John de Lancie, Lauren Faust and Michael Brockhoff as well as VIP events.
More information will be posted at: and tickets will be available soon at
When we started this project, back in May of 2012, we designed the film with a vision in mind. While we could see the joy and love contained within the Brony fandom, some in this world could not. The documentary was a project designed to act as a safe, well meaning introduction to the fandom for those who had not yet heard of it, in order to show the world what this community could do, and give them an inside look at what goes on within. We feel the film accomplished this goal admirably, and our screening at the Kansas City FilmFest only reinforces that, and helps further these goals. We hope for many more opportunities like this in the future, so that we can help the public understand the fandom better.
Bronies are amazing, and the world agrees. We are just helping to show them why. Thank you all for your incredible support. Without you, none of this would be possible.
We look forward to meeting midwest Bronies and screening the film with a mixed Brony and general public crowd.
Mike & the Bronies Team