Sunday, March 10, 2013


... Sorry, I just can't promise not to repost this again some time.
More related to the title, though, have some comics after the break.

The Dark Mare Rises by *CSImadmax

                            - Changeling_#2253
Over the Line by Siden

Umm, yeah first off: It's not on deviantArt and in case you don't know the name Siden, be aware of NSFW art if you intend to click the profile link.

This comic here, though, is 100% SFW and actually both cute and funny.

Apple Bloom just wanted to go with it...
Reading is Magic by *Digoraccoon

That would've been interesting... But improvising is not discussible, apparently.
PONIES!!! - 35 by ~Turag

I don't even know why I post every new part of this when I usually don't do that.
Maybe I like their faces. Also, reminder of the storyline in this part.
Rematch - Part I by *Gray--Day

This looks promising...The Great and Vengeful Trixie returns once again and wants a rematch. She missed a few facts, though.
Rarity's day 1/6 by *Mao-Ookaneko

Magnetic hooves are so awesome...
A nice almost textless comic as a tribute to Rarity. Includes a small dose of shipping. It's fine. And somewhat warming...

Also, it was uploaded as a complete series. Have some links.

I | II | III | IV | V | VI