Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nightly Megathread #157


FPLOON: Joseph, the time program is almost complete...
Joseph Houser: *unamused* Oh goody...
FPLOON: Now, unlike the other program... This one will be used by the other mods that have Nightly Megathreads on their day... Hopefully the word "hiatus" will never be spoke of again...
Joseph Houser: *pauses* And?
FPLOON: *thinks* That's about it...

Joseph Houser: ...And now for something completely different...

Brony Doc Shipping (To A Home Near You!)

"ERMAGHERD!" said Mike... and I'm with him on this, too!

The Brony Documentary is now being shipped to those that bought the Blu-Ray copies as well as those that earned it from the kickstarter (like myself)... Expect them to hit you mailbox in a week (or about three weeks to those not in the states)... Click here or after the break to check the update for yourself! WOO!!!

Snow Ponies!

As winter comes to a close for us, the snow has begun to disappear (or at least for us up here above that darn equator). However, some bronies from Purdue are still kicking with their snow equines, and holy crap, did they document it! Find the full galleries and also the highlights below. 

Crowdsourced Q&A: Angerelic

Our next artist interview is going to be with the artist Angerelic.  Hopefully you know the drill by now. Leave the questions you want to ask him below, and tune in tomorrow to hear me ask them!  Why are you still reading this?  Get to it!


Oh, Fluttershy found some music, too.

baschfire Liquid Fury - Fluttershy Orchestral
Carbon Maestro Buffalo Nation Emotional Orchestral
Hirosashii Soar The Sky Vocal House
JayB Dress For Art (Retrotype Remix) Trance
Oblivia I've got to find a way House
Replacer &I feat. Feather Until the Sun (Ohmy remix) Drumstep... maybe.
sci the abject day of destiny amelioration Experimental
Sim Gretina Celestia's Ballad (Sim Gretina Remix) Chillout D'n'B
ViFFeX Hurricane Fluttershy Orchestral

Fanfic: Dreams of Reality by Summerset Banjo

Normal Adventure Alternate Universe

Dreams of Reality

King Sombra is about to retake the crystal empire by force unless Twilight Sparkle can find the crystal heart in time to stop him. but she is haunted by visions of what might be reality or another one of Sombra's traps.

Hyper's thoughts - An excellent little read that makes you stop and think. How do we know what's actually real? Give it a read if you've got the time.

Season 1-3 Medley by Kcirtap

Speedpaint: Scarlet Wonder by *Nac0n

Want to hear a mashup of every song of all three seasons in an awesome thing? The power of going past the break compels you... to, er... do that. Yeah. You should go past the break. 


Fluttershy and Angel hunted down some comics for you. Those things didn't stand a chance...

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #189

Very small Artsy again... No idea where all the art is gone. Oh well... Some beautiful pieces nevertheless.

Local Fox Station Reports on Bronies

Huh... A good news report about the brony community from Fox? Apparently it could happen. Not only on the Hub.

No-Frills News #4 and Megathread

One does not simply diss the chalky goodness.