Thursday, March 7, 2013

No-Frills News #4 and Megathread

One does not simply diss the chalky goodness.

0_0 Sweetie Bot found a thing... Oh god...

Also someone sent this in. Odd... Might've fit better in a nightly, but w/e, why not post it sooner?

Remember that Kenneth Starlight guy who sent in those thought-provoking analysis about how the brony community seems from the outside? Well He found a little place on the FiM Reddit and has been producing some very thought-provoking threads. Glad to see there's a happy ending to the first leg of his journey to knowledge.

Also it seems Funko will be making a variety of FiM Bobbleheads soon: there's a listing for them on toywiz at the moment. Sounds like it could turn out nicely... I bet a Vinyl Scratch bobble head, used as a car hood ornament, would make the car's speakers 20% louder, lol.

Also since the release of the 4th FiM comic yesterday, a new meme has been spreading like wildfire. In response to this, we ask you, what is behind Pinkie's door?