Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nightly Megathread #85

Zecora is in the festive spirit!
It's the NM, so doth hears it!

More Revealing Tweets from Miss McCarthy

Well, this is rather intriguing. January 19th will be the two-part season finale, so it looks like something big is cooking up. What could this possibly be? *looks at website banner*

Doctor Whooves Animated (Ep. 1-3) HD

Now, I know what you're thinking... Yes, this is the first three episodes of "Doctor Whooves and the Assistant" animated in one video... However, they are all in HD sparkle sparkle sparkle, so that should give you even more incentive to check this out for the first time again...

Click here or after the break!

Music: Apple to Apple/ Luna's Silent Night/ The Moon Mare walks at Night

So pure of Heart
And strong of mind
So true of aim with his
Marshmallow lazer...
Marshmallow lazer~

A "Little Talks" parody for Applejack, Silent night to the tune of Luna, and more Luna... From the cool to the calm, you can them all after the break!

1. Apple to Apple - SkyBolt (Little Talks Rewrite Parody)
2. Luna's Silent Night by PonyVisation (Feat. Feather)
3. The Moon Mare walks at Night

Poll Results: Wonderbolt Academy

What? You think that I, FPLOON, would rig an RD poll like this?? Of course not...

...You all did that for me...

Keikaku doori

22... 59... 22... Oh~ A pattern-like sandwich...

Although, the two of you that choose the last choice are just too biased to realize it... But, I digress... More results after clicking "read more"...

PL Christmas Advert

Here we have a ponified parody of this commercial. This cute little video has so many levels of "d'aw" radiating from it... It's impossible to be in a bad mood after seeing this. See it after the break.

This is possibly my last post for the next few days, so merry *insert holiday you celebrate here* everyone!

Apple Family Reunion Episode Review

Everyone have a good episode day?  I hope so, because from here on out, we're going to be following a tightly planned review schedule, designed to squeeze every last bit of fun out of your weak, fleshy bodies.  So, before you drop past the break, I'm expecting you to run outside and give me 500 laps.  I don't care what you're lapping, just do it.  And after you partake in bobbing for apples and some tug-o-war, maybe then I'll let you actually read my review.  What are you waiting for?  Get to it.

Flash: Master Fancy Laid to Rest

Here we have an animation just in time for Hallowe- Er... Never mind.

See it here or after the break.

Music: The Heart Carol / Come Home Soon / Raise This Barn

This might be a header from the future...

A Dance remix/extend of The Heart Carol, a sad song for Celestia, and a piano transcription of Raise This Barn (That was fast)!

1.) The Heart Carol (Aftermath Remix/Extended Cover ft. BluNoseReindeer)
2.) Come Home Soon - By Joaftheloaf
3.) Raise This Barn - Piano Transcription by DJDelta0

PMV: ↑The Game of Life↓

Remember that guy who made the Supernatural PMV? Well if you enjoyed that than you're gonna love his latest PMV of The Game of Life!

Arsty-Wartsy Stuff #99


Oh ho ho! I can't believe that we are one away from a hundred Artsies! I bring this up now since I won't be around to post #100 *throws iPhone*. The last two digit Artsy is after the break.

Comics: Christmas Spirit / PONIES!!! / Gem Fever / Little Helpers

End a war? Throw a party! Bullet proof plan if it weren't for the fact I can't get close enough to give them the invitation... oh well maybe their ghosts can come. And while I get shot at you can look at some comics!

Music: Bass Cannoneer / Look out here comes tom / Feel Good

Mmmm zebra cakes and music... wait doesn't that make Zecora a cannibal!? This is cupcakes all over again...

MUSIC FROM MAH DUBSTEP BASS CANNON!!, even more dubstep, and after that it's time to feel good!

1.) Varia - Bass Cannoneer (ft. Nowacking) [Dubstep]
2.) Tuxe - Look out here comes tom (Constep remix)
3.) Koroshi-Ya - Feel Good (feat. Rhyme Flow)