Sunday, December 23, 2012

Comics: Christmas Spirit / PONIES!!! / Gem Fever / Little Helpers

End a war? Throw a party! Bullet proof plan if it weren't for the fact I can't get close enough to give them the invitation... oh well maybe their ghosts can come. And while I get shot at you can look at some comics!

1. Christmas Spirit by ~ lolepopenon

Pinkie hired me to watch the gifts after this lil' incident, mmmhmmm. *cocks shotgun* That rainbowed missy'll be in fer a surprise when she comes 'round here. *rocks on rocking chair*

2. PONIES!!! - 24 by ~Turag

I don't see much of a difference in your facial features really...

3. Gem Fever by ~Zztfox

Sadly I still haven't played Kirby (don't kill me!), but if Rarity was a reward inside this strange diamond claw machine thingie then maybe I'd play it. Of course Rarity would be too easy to get, obviously, if this comic is anything to go by...

4.  Little Helpers by *Foxy-Noxy

Someone give Pinkie some coffee. That sled will go around the world three times! No, seven times! Now excuse me as I die from this comic.