Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nightly Megathread #135

I'm going to be honest with you... When I first saw this pic, the first thing that came to my mind was that one scene in Haruhi Suzumiya, only it was Nagato vs. Nagato...

Anyway, time for another weekday Nightly Megathread... Avast ye-selves...

Did Someone Say Tap Dancing?

Tap dancing ponies? Sounds good to me.

Comics: The Cute Dilemma/New Player/Collecting stars!/misc sketchy comic

It has been a bit of a slow day. I for one am thankful: that means no bad news for now. Dangit! I must've jinxed us when I typed that! Well anyways, have some comics after the break!

Poll Updates

The poll results are in! After some extensive time in the spotlight, we've finally tallied everyone's votes on the episode rating. I bet most of you don't even remember what you chose at this point. In any case, this week's episode voting is up for you to contribute to. Get to 'et!

Hasbro's Newest IP: More Information

On Sunday, we covered a rumor about the new IP that Hasbro announced. Well, some new information has emerged from the Toy Fair. Check it out after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #166

Because of reasons.
A very short one today. No idea why. Waited too long and it's still not enough.
Nevertheless, admire art after the break if you like to. If not, Fluttershy there will be sad.

Toy Fair 2013 recap


Two of The Round Stable's reporters returned from this year's Toy Fair and wrote down a review of all the pony stuff that was shown there, complete with some background information, pictures and everything. There are also some things which we haven't seen so far, I guess. Like cardboard recolor standees.
So, if you're not fed up with merch yet, give it a shot and read here.

Happy Birthday Tara Strong!

In case it wasn't 100% clear in one of our earlier posts, it's Tara Strong's Birthday! Let's wish her all the best on her Twitter page!

Morning Music

Well, I don't know about you, TiM, but I found my Artsy music today. Kyoga!
Many more fine songs are here as well. Check the list beneath and the embeds after the break.

Carbon Maestro -- Dragons Of The South -- Orchestral
GatoPaint -- WoodenToaster Medley Rock! -- Instrumental Rock
Hay Tea -- Stormy Memories -- Drum'n'Bass
Kyoga -- We the Beasts -- Epic Dark Ambient Battle Theme
PonyVisation -- Dream Journey -- Acoustic Piano
Radiarc -- The Frozen North -- Orchestral
Replacer -- You Know Where To Find Me -- Electronic Vocal
Sonikkureinbumu & Pencil Eraser -- Looking Back -- Chiptune Vocal Rock

Are you Twilightlicious?