Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nightly Megathread #164

Joseph Houser: So... How's the new program going?
FPLOON: Which one?
Joseph Houser: The time program...
FPLOON: Oh... That program... *pauses* Yeah... It hasn't been use that often... In fact, I don't think anyone has actually noticed it on, in fact...
Joseph Houser: *thinking* Do you think... *pauses and sighs* Nevermind...

FPLOON: *eyes glowing* Bring out the dancing NM!!

Animated Wonders

um... excuse me, I have an interactive animation for you, but I had too put it below the break because it was being noisy. |so... um... go there please|


I really have no idea what header to use.

ClaviSound Daring Do and the Secret of the Sea-Ponies OST: Title Screen Chiptune
Crimzon AE Rainbow Thrash Vocal Metal
DongleKumquat Into the Mirror Pool Ambient
Legendary Equestrian Space Vol 2 - Ghost Train Ambient
Matthew Mosier Trixie's Song (Celestia Radio Version) Acoustic Vocal
NarfIarg Pinkie Pie's Harmony Theme Electronic
Nicolas Dominique Celestia's Ballad (Nicolas Dominique's Long Way Remix) Chillout Trance
svett89 Everfree Memories Orchestral

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #195

*put descriptive words here*
Find a handful of drawings after the break.

Assorted PMVs

Just what it says. An assortment of PMVs to round out your Pi Day... I'm sorry. Please don't kill me.

VicFoxRoseWarrior Take Me to the Clouds Above LMC
DeathlyPumpkin Your Love is My Drug Ke$ha
Love Rays Everything About You One Direction
GameOverBrony Bulletproof La Roux
SonicRainboomFTW Scootaloo's Wings JackleApp
Thy Mayan Land Down Under Men at Work
Cyber Flash Evening Wear Self Indulgence
King Madward Hatchet Run To The Hills Iron Maiden


Not enough art for a post, so have some comics instead...
It's fun either way.

Harlem Shake Pony

Because why not? Everyone likes animations.
ED+ made an SFM pony version of the "harlem shake" thingy. They got some awesome moves...

Happy Pi day

Today is Pi day. Also referred to as random celebration #3.14159265, approximately.
To honor this unparalleled festivity, Yudhaikeledai quickly produced an animation for it out of thin air.

Have fun, Mike. Stay rational.