Friday, October 26, 2012

Nightly Megathread #27

Crowdsourced Q&A #1 Answers

(pic from the Brony Study site)

Roughly a week ago we collected questions for what would be our first Crowdsourced Q&A, from our commenters/viewers, and from the folks on Ponychan (relevant thread deleted, unfortunately), to send to Dr. Edwards and Dr. Redden of the Brony Study research project. They have answered all the questions I gave them. Even the ones I sent rather jokingly, and wasn't sure they would answer. (Thanks, Redden and Edwards, for being so awesome!)

You can find a draft of their answers here, as an FAQ page on their website. And don't miss out on their longitudinal study if you would like to support more research efforts! (information about that study is in their 15th Q&A answer on the FAQ page)

So then, who from the MLP:FIM community would you like us to Q&A in the future? I have a few ideas, but I value your input and will try to pursue as many suggestions as possible. For the foreseeable future of these Q&A's, I will take questions and suggestions from Reddit and Ponychan, as well as from the comments here.
[Reddit thread]
[Ponychan thread]

Swatteam and the Potato complete

The conclusion to a story that left me in stitches, and made Swat rage more than thrice. |READ IT BELOW THE BREAK NOW!|

Epilogue added!

VA Announcements... But For What?

Power Triangle - Octavia and Derpy Wallpaper by ~smokeybacon

Rumors and speculation follow:

Grey DeLisle, voice actor for Azula from Avatar: The Last Air Bender, has tweeted about her involvement in some sort of pony project. That tweet and other assorted information below.

Miniature Discussion post #7

A staring contest for the history books

Finally! We are done with all miscellaneous/time-sensitive orders of business! The suggestions of the first six discussion posts will be used to guide and influence the development of this blog. Many excellent suggestions were made; In the coming days we will consider these ideas - play around with them and tweak them - to see what works best on this blog.

Now we can finally get to the fun discussions, that weigh less on the future of this blog! Hooray!

So one christmas break, way back  in 2010, I was browsing KnowYourMeme when I happened upon a brand-new but wildly active new page. It was about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I read through the page for a while and thought the whole thing odd for a few moments, but I was bored and open-minded, and it was vacation, so I decided to look into it. A few days later, I had watched the 14 episodes that were out at the time. It was when I learned of Lauren Faust's original motivations for making the show that I decided to really own up to the label of "brony", in support of the show. I valued her drive to challenge the stereotypes of our society, and wanted to support that. And that is how I came to consider myself a brony.

How did you all start considering yourselves bronies - or perhaps more broadly, do you? Is the term an extra and unnecessary label to you? Or is it a way of life? Or perhaps something else?

Stay Brony My Friends #27

More of that manliness you all love to see! Check it out after the brea- I'M KIDDING! YOU GET IT NOW!

PMV: Phantom of the Ponyvillie/ Paper Sky

What? What? Only two PMVs?? ...I gonna recheck the folder again... In the meantime, check these out after the break...

1. Phantom of the Ponyvillie - Призрак Понивиллья [PMV]
2. Paper Sky [PMV]

Mashup: The Wub Master/ My Lil Pony Mashup Pt 1 - Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy/ Pro Derp

Bring me cupcakes, diet soda,
5 large pizzas, south dakota
I want chicken, I want liver,
Meow Mix Meow Mix fat Val Kilmer

Making a mashup post is harder than it looks, apparently... Not only do the mashups somehow have to work, but also... ask the question: were they uploaded on the same month as the mashup post itself? *pauses* Oh... what am I talking about? *sighs* Doesn't matter... All I can say is that these mashups are awesome, and were all uploaded this month... Check them out after the break (or not if that's your forte...)

1. General Mumble vs. Skrillex ft. Sirah - The Wub Master
2. My Lil Pony Mashup Pt 1 - Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy (Mashup By Dean Birchum)
3. Chang31ing - Pro Derp

Mega Music Post #9

Listening to ten songs isn't easy but I did it! You'd probably think I'm CRAZY for it, hehe, BUT I'M NOT! Ahaha, see if you can listen to all of these, too! Ahehe, ahaha, ha... oh man I'm really out of it today.

1.) Rapid Dash Rap
2.) Cherax Destructor - Cupcake
3.) The Pony Everypony Want's To Be.
4.) Equestrian space - Mining Site Erkaras ATMOSPHERE SCENE
5.) Equestrian space - Mining site Erkaras
6.) NightmareMoon & Wheatly - At the bar
7.) Miss Rarity - Tootiseroll2
8.) Poniver - Party Pone
9.) Hatsune Miku - World is Mine (Dj Dijkstra Remix)
10.) Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days (Song Teaser)

PMV: Savages / Circles / The All Spark / Her Majesty

Uh Tavi... you aren't still mad about having to send in a sample post are you? Tavi... Tavi... put down the gun. Stop pointing that thing at me! HOW ARE YOU EVEN HOLDING IT!? let me try to make it up to you, there are some |PMVs below the break, including a bonus|

1) My Little Disney: Savages
2) Circles [PMV]
3) pmv the all spark
4) PMV Her Majesty

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #17

Source 1
This isn't going to hurt, right? No? Okay. Let's see what's inside...
Ah! Another Artsy-Wartsy Stuff! Check it after the break.

(Rumor) Yet another possible title: Season 3 episode 10

Once again, this is not confirmed. We have another possible title for season 3 from the Zap2it website. This time for episode 10.  Go on past the break for possible spoilers.

Trailer/PMV/YTPMV: Iron Man 3/ Pinkie Pie Style!/ LOULOU / Beneath the Surface

PMVs  and a trailer... They are all awesome, so check them out after the break, ya'll!! (Also, this YTPMV that's been in the folder for some time now...)

1. (PMV) Iron Man 3
2. Pinkie Pie Style! (Gangnam Style Parody)
4. PMV - Beneath the Surface

Music: One Trick Pony / Im not the pony you know VIP / Octavia's Descent Into Madness / Summer

A One Trick Pony remix, VIP of I'm Not The Pony You Know, Octavia going insane, and some Summertime Lovin' (It keeps happening!). Enjoy!

1.) One Trick Pony - Jackle App (Error404 Drumstep Remix)
2.) Im not the pony you know VIP (ft. Cyril)
3.) Seventh Element - Octavia's Descent Into Madness
4.) Jackle App - Summer (Mogul Dash befriends Jackle)

Psy Little Pony

Yeah... Good morning?