Friday, October 26, 2012

Mega Music Post #9

Listening to ten songs isn't easy but I did it! You'd probably think I'm CRAZY for it, hehe, BUT I'M NOT! Ahaha, see if you can listen to all of these, too! Ahehe, ahaha, ha... oh man I'm really out of it today.

1.) Rapid Dash Rap
2.) Cherax Destructor - Cupcake
3.) The Pony Everypony Want's To Be.
4.) Equestrian space - Mining Site Erkaras ATMOSPHERE SCENE
5.) Equestrian space - Mining site Erkaras
6.) NightmareMoon & Wheatly - At the bar
7.) Miss Rarity - Tootiseroll2
8.) Poniver - Party Pone
9.) Hatsune Miku - World is Mine (Dj Dijkstra Remix)
10.) Even Rainbows Have Rainy Days (Song Teaser)