Friday, October 26, 2012

Miniature Discussion post #7

A staring contest for the history books

Finally! We are done with all miscellaneous/time-sensitive orders of business! The suggestions of the first six discussion posts will be used to guide and influence the development of this blog. Many excellent suggestions were made; In the coming days we will consider these ideas - play around with them and tweak them - to see what works best on this blog.

Now we can finally get to the fun discussions, that weigh less on the future of this blog! Hooray!

So one christmas break, way back  in 2010, I was browsing KnowYourMeme when I happened upon a brand-new but wildly active new page. It was about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I read through the page for a while and thought the whole thing odd for a few moments, but I was bored and open-minded, and it was vacation, so I decided to look into it. A few days later, I had watched the 14 episodes that were out at the time. It was when I learned of Lauren Faust's original motivations for making the show that I decided to really own up to the label of "brony", in support of the show. I valued her drive to challenge the stereotypes of our society, and wanted to support that. And that is how I came to consider myself a brony.

How did you all start considering yourselves bronies - or perhaps more broadly, do you? Is the term an extra and unnecessary label to you? Or is it a way of life? Or perhaps something else?