Friday, October 26, 2012

Crowdsourced Q&A #1 Answers

(pic from the Brony Study site)

Roughly a week ago we collected questions for what would be our first Crowdsourced Q&A, from our commenters/viewers, and from the folks on Ponychan (relevant thread deleted, unfortunately), to send to Dr. Edwards and Dr. Redden of the Brony Study research project. They have answered all the questions I gave them. Even the ones I sent rather jokingly, and wasn't sure they would answer. (Thanks, Redden and Edwards, for being so awesome!)

You can find a draft of their answers here, as an FAQ page on their website. And don't miss out on their longitudinal study if you would like to support more research efforts! (information about that study is in their 15th Q&A answer on the FAQ page)

So then, who from the MLP:FIM community would you like us to Q&A in the future? I have a few ideas, but I value your input and will try to pursue as many suggestions as possible. For the foreseeable future of these Q&A's, I will take questions and suggestions from Reddit and Ponychan, as well as from the comments here.
[Reddit thread]
[Ponychan thread]