Friday, July 12, 2013

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #310 + Comics

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Another early post. I'll go and see how the outside world looks like today. Sunshine 'n' shit. Also giant skyscraping timberwolves.
Good luck and welcome back, Mike. Feel free to bump your posts.

Afternoon Livestream?

I've been meaning to do a live stream to keep the site lively while we wait for the coding to be done, but since there are so few people still around, it'll be nearly empty if we just do it all of a sudden. So what date works best for everyone? If there's enough interest, the livestream could be this afternoon. But perhaps some people will be less busy on Saturday or Sunday? Let me know in the comments. Perhaps we can start up a WhenToMeet or something. So far the plan is to do a quick 3D-printing Q&A, and watch Connections, a documentary series I've been mentioning recently.

Also it seems all the other 3D-printing bronies are moving to Sculpteo, lol. I've got a bit of a different plan.

Summer Update #1

Not alone in the 3D-printing world anymore. (source)

So a couple months ago now, Discords Domain went on Hiatus. Here's an update about what's been going on behind the scenes on my end. Other mods feel free to add in what they've been up to in the comments.

[Animation] The Pink Aisle

It's cute and stuff.