Saturday, November 24, 2012

Nightly Megathread #56

Twilight Spark... O.O Vector by *BR-David

Hey everypony! My name is Twilight Sparkle. I think some of you have heard from me, but in any case, it's nice to meet you all! Trig went to bed a little early, so I'll be taking over the shift just for tonight! I wouldn't want to impose on the staff here for too long. Head past this... magical barrier thing... for the nightly! what is this magic...

Music: Equestria in Grey [ JoltMc Remix ]/ Smog/ Babs Seed Rock!/ The Ballad Of The Crystal Ponies (AgileDash Remix).

And they're turning us into monsters
Turning us into fire
Turning us into monsters
It's all desire... It's all desire... It's all desire~

Lookie here! We got a remix of Omnipony's Equestria in Grey, some Sombra neurofunk, a rock instrumental of Babs Seed, and a remix of the Crystal Ponies... Prepare your music ears for these after the break...

1. Omnipony - Equestria in Grey [ JoltMc Remix ]
2. Seventh Element - Smog
3. GatoPaint - Babs Seed Rock!
4. The Ballad Of The Crystal Ponies (AgileDash Remix).

Game: Flight of the Crystal Princess

by ~saturnroid

Want to fly as Cadence, and not be launched into the stars or just off a balcony like in cadence toss?|Go past the break for a new game|

Mashup: It's a Season Rebirth Song/ Student Prepared to Dream/ My Littlest Pet Shop/ Naughty Reptilian

Let it rain, take my pain, I'm glad to meet you
Fill my eyes with a colorful rainbow
Every drop hits me, fills me
with an un-measurable amount of security

Okay... It may seem like the first three are made by the same person, so I added a bonus freestyle mashup by the official Vinyl Scratch... If only I could instantly download that one right now...

1. Foozogz vs. Ally Burnett - It's a Season Rebirth Song
2. Katy Perry vs. MLP: FiM - Student Prepared to Dream
3. MLP: FiM vs. Littlest Pet Shop - My Littlest Pet Shop
4. Vinyl Scratch - Naughty Reptilian [Vinyl Scratch vs Skrillex Freestyle]

Duracell and Hasbro teaming up

Sorry for the distinct lack of ponies within this post (well... Technically there is one pony...), but this is for a good cause. This holiday season, Hasbro and Duracell are working together in the Toys for Tots charity; Hasbro toy will be powered by Duracell batteries. See more after the break.

Animation : THIS IS OUR CLUBHOUSE! / AND I SAY / Don't let scootaloo near drums

Have an animation on why you don't mess with Scoots. We also have a vid of 3 little fillies watching something they shouldn't and Scoots being awesome at the drums. Go and watch em' after the break!

Episode 4 follow up/discussion

Now that episode 4 is now over, let's go through some of the highlights of it. Below you will find screencaps and other things you may have not noticed. Go past the break for the overview! Ignore the Hub logos...

Comic Post #61: Sombra's Revenge / The Plan / A Cat on Tumblr / Breaking Babs / Hoof Trick

Blergh by ~ThunderElemental

Bab seed! Bab seed! What we gonna do-oh, sorry. I was too busy singing this freaking awesome song from the episode today. One of my top 7 for sure. Comics after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #60

NO! I'm staying in here if it means you can't hurt me! Now please don't drop the TV. Put it down gently. I don't want to die! PLEASE LET ME LIVE, DERPY!

Music: One Bad Apple - FULL COVER by MandoPony MandoPonyMandoPony·141 videos

Well, that was fast. Ah, bronies. They never cease to amaze me. See it after the break.

Artsy-Wartsy Stuff #59

"Books and Twilight Sparkle... Best couple ever."

I beg to differ. *Hugs Twi* 

comics : Tease the new villian 2 / A Derpy Date Part 2 / Watch It Ralph / Sombra's Crystalis / Art of the Match

Have some comics. We got some trolling, the second part of Derpy's date,  Wreck It Ralph parody, Sombra getting it on, and some weird Rarity comic. Read em' after the break!

MLP:FiM Character Designer (Nicole Gauss) Interviewed by Katie Chats

(pic unrelated but awesome. Did FiM invade your thanksgiving? let us know in the comments!)

Nicole Gauss, an experienced character designer and illustrator currently working with MLP:FIM, went to GenreCon recently, where she was interviewed by Katie Chats, an interview-focused youtube channel. You can find another article about it here, and the brief but informative interview after the break.