Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mashup: It's a Season Rebirth Song/ Student Prepared to Dream/ My Littlest Pet Shop/ Naughty Reptilian

Let it rain, take my pain, I'm glad to meet you
Fill my eyes with a colorful rainbow
Every drop hits me, fills me
with an un-measurable amount of security

Okay... It may seem like the first three are made by the same person, so I added a bonus freestyle mashup by the official Vinyl Scratch... If only I could instantly download that one right now...

1. Foozogz vs. Ally Burnett - It's a Season Rebirth Song
2. Katy Perry vs. MLP: FiM - Student Prepared to Dream
3. MLP: FiM vs. Littlest Pet Shop - My Littlest Pet Shop
4. Vinyl Scratch - Naughty Reptilian [Vinyl Scratch vs Skrillex Freestyle]